Our mission is to offer women a space to express themselves, to reach other women and to showcase their ideas and passions with authenticity.

likeitGirl is a platform and a female community you can be part of. If you are passionate about a topic and want to share your opinion, experiences, viewpoints, or tips, then look no further and join in.

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“The Naked Truth” is the voice of likeitGirl, and is a self-expression web magazine for women, written by women, or men who love women, regardless of their age, origin, profession, interests, or geographic location. It is your space to talk about fashion, wellness, music, travel, sex, cooking, news, decorating, motherhood… the list goes on. The content is authentic, unique, and original because genuine freedom of speech is the main driver.

The Naked Truth is YOUR magazine, please contribute as you like.

You are… likeitGirl offers you to…
curious, passionate, committed be inspired, discover and share
a woman who loves to write express yourself freely
an established blogger expand your audience
a new blogger test yourself, find and test your audience
a professional unleash your potential, be an opinion leader
a woman who loves to communicate with others enjoy flexibility and freedom of expression