Jaipur, the regal Pink City of India is famous for numerous elements like monuments, palaces, culture, cuisine and others. Among these, shopping is an important element too. Very few people are aware that Jaipur is a paradise for shopaholics. However, Palace on Wheels tour does the justice by allocating enough time for people to enjoy shopping. Therefore, you are given a few hours of shopping experience in Jaipur. What to expect?

Top markets of Jaipur

Johari Bazaar

This is the market with the largest collection of jewelry, gemstones, semi-precious stones and others. If you are looking for an expensive souvenir, choose handmade necklace with Meenakari work. You can also find precious stones here.

Tripolia Bazaar

If you are not looking for expensive accessories, you can choose this market for lac jewelry, the iconic souvenir of Jaipur. Textile collection in this market is a plus. You can find Bandini work, dye fabric, block print fabric and many others. You can also find Jaipur carpets, rugs, embroidery leather shoes and others in this shopping area.

Chandpole Bazaar

This is a traditional shopping area, where you can find many ancient and modern styled handicrafts. Marble carvings, handlooms and woodworks are the main attractions of this market. You can also find many vibrant shoes, stone articles, turbans, carpet and others.

Kishanpole Bazaar

This market is famous for textile works and wooden articles. You can find many artists selling their masterpieces in this market. If you are looking for a traditional souvenir shopping, this market is the best place.

Nehru Bazaar

This market is famous for clothing. Joothi is the top item to purchase here. You can find textiles of varying type and styles. Embroidery work is most common here.

Sireh Deori Bazaar

This is the place for iconic street shopping for leather shoes, knickknacks, puppets, home décor items, exclusive handicrafts of Jaipur and others. You can also find camel leather articles here. It is a very good souvenir for friends.

Bapu bazaar

This is the region for everything. If you end up in this bazaar during Palace on Wheels trip, you can buy everything. Starting from woodwork to handlooms, you can find all the novelties of Jaipur. This is the place to enjoy the pink side of the city. Never forget to bargain here.

Mirza Ismail Road

This is the place for Islamic beauty. You can find ancient articles, pottery items, brass articles, wood statues, toys, home decor items and others. If you love delicate art works and articles, you ought to visit this market.

Best time to shop

The best time to shop is evening. This is the time, when you can find many stalls in action. The climate will be pleasing and it will allow you to walk through the never-ending streets. In addition, this is the best time to find many street food vendors on the sidewalks to enjoy the simple street food cuisine of the land. Do not forget to bring the camera, as this is the best place to capture the culture of the land.

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