A trip visiting the ins and outs of the beautiful city of Patna

Some holiday destinations are easy to choose from. You can simply follow the crowd and visit it during the peak seasons and have a great time! However some places are not easily spotted, Patna is one such place. Although not very alluring from the outside, the city has much to offer to its visitors!

Patna, the capital of Bihar and the city on the continuous rise to becoming one of the major cities in the country, is a city with numerous historical sites you cannot miss to check out should you choose to visit the city in the near future. Patna city mirrors the impacts of a different society and way of life of antiquated and benefits the opportunity to visit a ton of authentic destinations. It is the main centre people visit when they talk about Bihar in general. You can check for the 18698 running status and book yourself a ticket for Patna to see all that the city has to offer. This train passes by New Delhi, crosses Patna and goes all the way till Howrah, which is why it makes it very convenient for travellers. After you have booked your tickets, here are some places you cannot skip out on visiting.

Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden

   Buddha Smriti Park

In the city of Patna, this botanical garden is a major crowd puller in the city. It has numerous stunning animals that turn into the appeal for the vacationers. It is the best place for the excursion, wedding trip and other joy purposes in Patna. There are roughly 800 species of approx 110 species like tiger, hippopotamus, Himalayan mountain bear, panther, crocodile, elephant, and then some.

Patna Museum


Patna Museum is the other reason of fascination here in the city. It has numerous deals of items from ancient days that make it such a great place to visit. It has the verifiable workmanship group of Mughals and Rajput models that expansion its excellence and makes the reason for fascination. For the most part, it is otherwise called the “Jadu Ghar.”

Hanuman Temple

Hanuman Temple is the most renowned religious spot in Patna that draws towards a large number of the travelers every day. It is devoted to Lord Hanuman and every day large portions of individuals visit here. It is the second most frequented hallowed place in the North India after maa Vaishno Devi sanctuary and the most well known and went to a religious destination in Bihar. On the Saturday and Tuesday of the week, the general population visit to adore in huge number furthermore on the event of Ramnavami.

Nalanda University


In the instructive spots of the city, Nalanda has an uncommon significance. It is the single open college of Bihar expresses that giving instruction through separation learning. It is named on the premise of the old college name that was utilized to take training by the sovereigns, their relatives, and the higher class individuals.  

Buddha Smriti Park

It is devoted to Lord Buddha and worked by the Bihar government. Buddha Smriti Park is otherwise called the Buddha Memorial Park. It has reflection focus, Smriti Bag, Museum, Bodhi Tree and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It is a standout amongst the most popular spots for a picnic or simply an outdoor hangout.



Situated close to the Gandhi maidan in Patna, Golghar is the adjusted house which was developed by chief John Garstin. It is completely adjusted and no columns from inside that make it astounding in the city. It has the staircase that loops around the building and guests can go from base to best through it.


You can check the IRCTC ticket availability for your trip to Patna and make your booking accordingly. Patna is one city that has seen a sea of changes in the past few decades and has today become a city playing a major role in Bihar’s tourism.

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