A Tightly Curated Wardrobe: Your Complete Guide to Minimalist Style

Is your closet overflowing? Do you look at simple but beautiful outfits and wonder how they were made to look so effortless? You can adopt a minimalist style and achieve those looks too!

A minimalist fashion style isn’t just for models, celebrities, and executives with money to spend. Minimalist fashion can save you money and help contain your closet clutter to a minimum. But when you’re just starting out, it can be hard to know where to start.

Declutter the Closet

You might think perfecting your minimalist style starts with finding it, but that process actually begins with your own clothes. Go through all of your clothing items and pick out your favorites. Sort into piles of keep, maybe, and nope.

You can also separate seasonal items since going through winter items in the summer might not be as easy. You can always come back to them later and decide what to keep within that pile when the right season rolls around.

Define Your Style

Once you have your piles, look at the items that stand out to you and any possible similarities. Do you own ten pairs of black jeans? Five striped shirts? If you tend to repeat products because you can’t find the right one, make a note of it.

Defining your style with these key items will help you perfect your minimalist fashion style building off things you already love. By using your own closet as a model, you can build your own minimalist style off existing items and off things you know you like.

Find the Perfect Pieces

When you know the items you prefer and love, start figuring out what you might need to build your closet into the perfect, simple collection you want to wear every day. Note that you may also want to make a list of essential accessories that fit with your key pieces.

When shopping for your final items, go for quality instead of quantity. If you had five striped shirts because you could find the perfect one or the perfect one was more expensive, add it to your wish list and save up.

This way you may end up saving money on clothes you don’t end up wearing, and you won’t contribute to the clutter of unworn clothes that are often thrown away instead of reused.

Experiment with Minimalist Style

Minimalist style doesn’t mean only wearing black and white. You can incorporate bold colors, and designs, as long as they are good items you can utilize well within your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to try things out to find out what works for you.

For a minimalist chic style, think about the simple silhouette you want to achieve and only purchase items that fit your needs. If you want to achieve a more edgy minimalist style, look at bold colors and items you can fit with the clothes you own and think of striking accessories you can wear for more than one event and with more than one outfit.

Curating With Rules

When achieving a minimalist fashion style, it can be easy to fall off the wagon once you’ve sorted and acquired your desired wardrobe. Pick a style that works for you and don’t change it every time you see something you think might look good.

That can lead to more overflowing closets. When you go shopping, try to shop for sustainable fashion. Have what you need in mind and don’t stray from it so you don’t come home with more clothes you don’t need.

Minimalist Style For Everyone

A minimalist style can be achieved by anyone and utilized for any look. You can maintain a minimalist fashion style for a wedding or a day in. No matter what your plans, you can look chic and fresh every day.

Not only does a minimalist style let you look good, but it also helps prevent you from overspending on clothes you don’t need and preventing you from throwing away those clothes you don’t wear. And if you found this helpful in getting your new style started, keep reading for more great fashion tips.

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