A Stroll Down Memory Lane: The Importance of Creating Quality Memories with Your Kids


When taking a trip down the memory lane, nothing beats the cherished and carefree moments of childhood. All the things we experienced then, as time flew by, made it one of the fondest periods of our life. Full of love, excitement, discovery and happiness, childhood memories defined our life back then, and continue to do so today. But they are responsible for more than just a smile or a tear. The moments we spent with our families and loved ones during those tender years, and how we spend time with our own kids now, shapes our personality more than you may think.  Seeing how great of an influence they can have, try to create as many quality memories for your kids as you possibly can.


Creating Memories Each Day

The best memories can often be created during everyday situations, and the perfect place for these highlights is the dining room table. Trying to bring the entire family together for the final meal of the day can have an immense psychological impact on kids. It can boost the level of their emotional engagement with the parents, teach them important values, and relate a sense of comfort, trust and security. All these things ultimately boost their self-confidence. There is no better way to end a family meal than with a fun activity, like turning up the music and dancing, indulging in a family film night or a game, basically, anything that can turn a simple meal into a memorable experience.


Remembering Holiday Adventures

Vacation time is the perfect setting for creating life-long memories for your kids. Going on a holiday adventure provides a change in scenery and a multitude of activities that will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Of course, while going to the seaside or visiting the country can be a great way for all to relax and unwind, it is also important to connect with grandparents. They have immense wisdom they can share with your kids, including stories about the time when you were a child. Once they know you were a kid as well, they will change the way they look at you, knowing that mom and dad at one point also had to deal with growing up.


Reminiscing About Playtime

Once upon a time playing around meant everything to us, and the best feeling was when mom or dad wanted to play with us. We had no idea back then what a drag it was to them, because for us, it was one of the coolest things ever. Playtime was also the way we explored the world and unknowingly developed our physical and cognitive capacities as well as different skills. So, as a parent, join your child during this time, and let them feel special by allowing them to choose the game and tagging along. Sharing an important interest with your child will improve the bond you have, and add another great memory to both your lists.


Creating a Party of a Lifetime

Because parties celebrate important milestones, they definitely keep well in memory books. Naturally, when you’re a kid they mean so much more, and can even become the highlight of the entire year. They allow kids to merge worlds by having friends and family in one place, and enjoying the company of both. Parties have a significant role in development as well, as they allow kids to hone their social skills and let them grow emotionally. Thus, parents going all out and creating a surprise party with kids’ party entertainers will give kids a happy memory they can later find themselves re-visiting year after year.


That Time When Mom/Dad and I Both…

Hobbies are another interest kids can enjoy with their parents. Including kids into your hobbies relates the importance they hold in your life, and your desire to share your time with them. During childhood, kids crave attention, and involving them in projects you love can be a way of spending quality time with them. Plus, children often have a chance to learn some useful life skills at the same time. So, while kids might adore spending time with dad in the garage, or small-scaling it and building model cars, with mom they can learn the importance of cooking, or open a discussion on a book or film.

As you are walking down memory lanes of childhood, the moments that stay with you will become the small things that make life so amazing. By finding time to spend with your children, these often overlooked activities will become cherished memories your kids will often look back to with a smile.

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