Celebrated British fashion designer has once again taken her designing skills to the Olympic Arena. McCartney who designed the kit for Team GB in London 2012 has joined up with Adidas to design the kit the GB athletes will wear at Rio 2016. Released 100 days before the start of the games the kit will be used in 42 Olympic events and 23 Paralympics.

The main icon of the kit seems to be a coat of arms. It has been specially commissioned the College of Arms to create it for the Olympics It contains four British Lions as well as a thistle, rose, flak and leek to represent all four nations of Great Britain. The coat provides a nostalgic look and conjures up the classical images of British heraldry and even some of the more fictitious elements of Britain like Harry Potter. Its motto ‘cojoined in one’ and the added element of medals and batons represents the together as one ideology.

While 2012 saw an abstract interpretation of the Union Jack, the flag is now put in the background on the jerseys. The coat of arms is emblazoned on the chests of jersey and repeated in stylized large GB letters.

Athletes were said to have specific inputs on the design to correspond with what they require for their disciplines. Tom Daley gave it the thumbs up saying it was a step on from 2012 and felt “amazing”. Athletes will also appretiate the attempts to improve their performance as the kits are 10% lighter than the previous Olympics. It also contains climachill technology which aims to allow cool air to come through while heat will be forced out. All of this will hope to improve Team GB on their way to improving their model table standings. 

There is definitely a fashion element to the designs to with the inclusion of Lions. Mythical-esque creatures are in about now with Gucci featuring serpents and panthers on some of their recent designs. Hopefully these kits won’t cost the same!

These Olympic kits is just another success for the British designer. Last year saw her design house secure record profits and herself pocket over £3m. Her brand currently has 30 store locations globally but it is looking into adding to that number significantly. Whether you like the design or not it seems you can’t get away from Stella McCartney.

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