Even though becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences in life, it can also turn out to be quite an overwhelming and chaotic period, especially during the first few years of raising your first child. When you’re not changing and feeding your child, you’re likely talking to your friends and family or scrolling through the internet in an effort to find more information on baby-related topics.

During this confusing period, every mother could benefit from thoughtful advice and adequate support from other mums who have already lived through similar experiences. However, between reading mummy blogs, taking screenshots of news articles, and saving posts from different social media platforms, it can be difficult to keep track of it all. This is exactly where a special social sharing application for mums comes in.

Social Sharing App for Mums

Building a supportive community

Designed by everyday mothers who realised there is plenty of helpful information on the internet regarding parenthood, but a lack of a special place reserved solely for mothers, the beneficial Mumli app was created in an effort to solve this issue. This application aims to unravel the mess of random screenshots, saved posts, and old messages on your phone by providing a separate place where you could efficiently organise these resources, and then effortlessly access them or share them with other mums.

But apart from information from other resources, this application is also filled with useful articles of its own, allowing you to learn more about a wide range of mommy-related topics, from the best maternity wear brands to the Montessori learning method new mums seem to be obsessed with at the moment. What’s more, Mumli also gives you the opportunity to connect with other like-minded mothers, thus being able to share new knowledge and hacks regarding motherhood, and receive adequate support and encouragement that will allow you to grow and improve your parenting skills.

Social Sharing App for Mums

Using the helpful application for mums

What separates the Mumli application from the rest is the fact that it’s designed following the classic social media platform principle, providing everything you might need in one place. Here, you can create a personal profile where you could share your motherhood journey, and then connect with other mothers by following their personal profiles.

You will also have the opportunity to create posts and share updates of your journey on your profile, or even ask other mums specific questions about areas where you might need additional help or information, whether that means advice on recovery after birth or recommendations for new mummy podcasts. This combination of posts will then appear on your home feed, a special section with curated content that is informative, relatable, and relevant to you.

Apart from asking your own questions, you will also have access to the inquiries other mums had on the Mumli app, providing even more information through thoughtful and insightful answers. All of this knowledge you acquire can then be organised into special collections that provide easy access to topics, and can also be shared with like-minded mothers. As you record special moments throughout your motherhood, from the first smile to the first steps, you could also save these beautiful memories to albums on Mumli for your future self to treasure later.


Signing up now for early app access

A supportive and encouraging community is something every mum could benefit from, especially when it comes to sharing personal experience, asking for helpful advice, and finding useful information on pregnancy and raising children. If such a social sharing platform seems like the right choice for you as well, consider signing up for Mumli now, in order to get early access to this wonderful application. After all, every mother deserves the best possible motherhood experience, which can now be improved with such beneficial platforms.

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