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A professional's guide to fashion - Likeitgirl

A professional’s guide to fashion

When it comes to hiring an individual, there are so many different aspects that a company looks forward to, the first being how you dress. The other attributes that follow would be how you communicate, do you have the skills for the position, how you work with the team and so on. However, if that first thing is not mastered, all the others matter no more. Because, the first impression is by no far the most important.

How long do you spend in an interview on an average? My interview lasted about 3 hours out of which the face to face round went on for half an hour flat. The rest was about the writing skills and my knowledge on fashion. Having applied for the position of a content writer for fashion sites, the interviewer looked at my dressing sense first. I got the job on the basis of my writing skills and the way I looked.

If you are someone who’s looking forward to making a mark at your interview or even want some beneficial tips and suggestions that can make your professional look undergo a makeover, you’ve come to the right spot.

Which are the basic wardrobe essentials that a professional woman must have?

Uppers/tops: When it comes to professional wear for women, there are multitudes of options available online. From the fashionably high brands like Burberry, Prada, and Gucci to the upcoming ones that are making their place in the industry. From the formal button-up shirts to billowy blouses, you can choose pieces that complement their body type and stature. Make sure that what you choose aren’t very loud or overly bold by nature. Settle down with monochromes, stripes, checks rather than big floral prints or abstracts that catch a lot of attention.

Bottoms: Let’s just keep the subtitle as the bottoms because there’s just so much that you can pick as their bottoms. A classic dress pant that fits you well (neither too tight nor too loose) to high waist pencil skirts and a lot more are available. When you pick the choice of your bottoms, all you need to keep in mind is that the fit is right and so is the length. After all, you mustn’t feel uncomfortable while walking, bending, sitting or while doing any body movement.

Dresses: Office dresses are way different than those available for casual purposes. While the casual ones include skater fit, A-line and more, the formal wear would include sheath dress, wrap dressed or pencil knee length dresses and more. What you need to focus here is – that it should fit you well and enhance your curves for the better. Anything too bright or loud would not be feasible. Hence settle for pastel shades, signature colors and solid prints or subtle patterns.

Blazer/jacket: No matter what you wear – a pant/shirt, skirt/top or even a dress (in some cases), a blazer or a jacket would be an ideal piece of clothing that would complete your look for the better. If you are being too shy because of the curves being flashy, the jacket would help you on that end as well as for times when you are worried about your top being too short while you bend or sit. Find a blazer in black, gray or nude and make sure it fits you at the shoulder.

Footwear: There are so many options for you to choose from when it comes to footwear. From ballerinas, loafers or flats that are comfortable for the regular days, pencil heels, wedges and more would be specifically for the meeting days. You can choose the ones that can be mixed and matched with a number of outfits to avoid affecting your pocket. Invest in high-end brands to make sure that the style quotient goes high, colleagues notice and the footwear itself goes a long way.

Bags: Bags as an accessory are something that is actually noticed when you come in the morning or leave from work in the evening. It would be great to choose a bag that is spacious, strong and defines your personality. Burberry bags, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and there are so much more with options like shoulder bags, satchels, totes, hobos and much more. What’s your choice?

Some tips to remember while dressing.

Dress clean

No matter what makeup you choose and what outfits you’ve chosen to make a mark at your office, just remember that if you look clean, you’re in. Don’t opt for something that takes down your confidence because that’ll show and it would not be good for your reputation. So, dress clean and be confident.

Keep in mind your industry

Like I shared my story of dressing for a fashion blogger position, you too need to understand how your industry or people in your forte dress up and coordinate with them. Don’t look out of the box.

Focus on the fit

No matter what you wear, if it fits you right, it will enhance your personality. Don’t choose pieces that are either too tight and suffocate you to death or too loose that two of your size can fit in.

All the best for your new venture!!

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