PMS is nasty condition to have, and it is common for women to suffer tremendously because conventional treatment solutions don’t produce a positive effect for all. This is why many women have turned to using cannabis as a way to ward off the symptoms that accompany PMS, including the painful cramps.

It is important that we change our view of cannabis from one that has connotations of stoned teenagers to one where cannabis can offer a viable treatment solution for conditions, such as PMS. It may come as a surprise to many of you that cannabis can be used in this way, but for sufferers of PMS, it comes as a lifeline which many people are using on a day to day basis to manage their symptoms.

When selecting the strains for your treatment, we would recommend you select a strain that is Indica dominant. This will ensure you get the maximum amount of pain relief. Try to avoid in this case Sativas, as these strains will more likely give you a high, rather than offer targeted pain relief.

Here are the strains we recommend.



Obama Kush


Yeah, we know we said to avoid strains that contain Sativa like properties, but Obama Kush is a hybrid strain that is more towards an Indica than a Sativa. This strain can not only reduce pain associated with PMS, it is also effective at increasing your mood, which is the effect the Sativa element of the strain provides. Give it a go and see how it works for you.


Blue Dream


Next up, we would recommend Blue Dream. This is an Indica and is widely known to be effective for relieving pain and produces an excellent overall cerebral effect that many of you would appreciate. Blue Dream is also excellent for re-balancing your mood, which helps you be happier.

It is possible to use Blue Dream at the start of your day, so it won’t induce feelings of lethargy, which as you can imagine, is critical. It is also excellent for settling a bad stomach, which is another common side effect of PMS.



Dutch Treat


The third strain we would recommend is Dutch Treat. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that users suffer from reduced mood swings, as well as pain relief. A cerebral high is a common effect of this strain.

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