A Guide to Wearing Sequin Dresses

In case you missed the sequin dress craze of the 1980’s, you’re in luck: sequin dresses are back in trend, and thankfully, in a less puffy, more chic incarnation. Despite not being as loud as sequin dresses in the past, today’s women can still have a tough time feeling confident in this super sparkly material.

Don’t despair. Here is your guide to wearing a sequin dress with confidence and style.

Stay Sleek

This super sophisticated sequin dress from Nookie is perfectly sleek and stylish.

Because sequins naturally speak volume, you’ll want to balance out your look by opting for a dress with sleek lines. Avoid fluffy, puffy or overly complex cuts. Understatement is key when it comes to finding the right fit. You’re already going to stand out wearing a gorgeous sequin gown, so you don’t want (or need) a busy dress.

Subtle Colour

Again, you’re going to want to balance out the shimmer and shine of sequins with a little refinement. While a hot pink sequin top or skirt is amazing, an entire floor length gown could be a bit much. By all means, embrace colour, but try richer colours, like deep reds, blues or greens. Of course, classic black is great too, but the point is you want colour, keep it classy by keeping the hue more subdued.

Balanced Accessories

While you can definitely wear some bling with your sequined dress, it’s best to steer clear of sequin-like accessories to avoid overkill. Instead, try solid metals with no jewels, like solid gold or silver bangles or geometric dangling earrings. Once again, your styling success is going to hinge on balance.

Show Some Skin

Your skin is perhaps the ultimate styling accessory when you’re decked out in sequins. While you don’t want to be indecent, showing a little leg or some shoulder is a wonderful way to create a breathtaking look. The natural, smooth and unaffected appeal of your skin creates a brilliant and undeniably appealing contrast to the more manufactured magnificence of the sequins.

See? Rocking a sequined dress really isn’t that difficult. It all comes down to creating style with harmony between the bling and the rest of your body.

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