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A guide to vape more safe - Likeitgirl

Vaping is nothing but inhaling the vapours from the e-cigarette. Most people are generally using it as same as smoking. There is a difference between smoking and vaping. Smoking refers the burning of cigarette. But vaping is having the vapour not the smoke. The vaping device converts the E-liquid in the container into the vapour directly without getting them combusted. So this vaping products does not produce any smoke at the presence of flame. The vaping products have a heating coil which will directly converts the liquid in container into vapour. So the harmful effect in the e-cig is negligible. But many people are not understood this and assuming the content of the liquid is only nicotine and there is no difference between this.

There are many vaping products from zero nicotine level to maximum of 24 gram of nicotine assumed to be maximum. People who prefers to quit smoking can try the zero nicotine product and in few months your interest of vaping gets diluted by this product. Many people around one million people in America is shifted their interest from regular cigarette smoking to e-cig to quit smoking. Either you smoke or vape, better be sure there are no children around that area who may get inclined to the taste of the smoke.

The vaping products are coming different style for different purpose. There are cigalike vape products where cigar products will be there for better experience instead of the regular cigarettes. The vape pen is coming in a design of pen. This one has a liquid content of small quantity and can be refilled easily and better design to carry them when you travel. This one is better in vaping compared to the e-liquid tank of big size. There are pod mod and starter kit for beginners who is non-smoker in general. There are different type of vaping methods. The first one is mouth to lungs and direct lungs method. The first one is like having a cool drinks in which you fill the mouth and swallow it. The second one is like directly inhale the vapour into the lungs which hits the throat heavy. The first one it better for people who just want to have a puff. The latter one is for people who wish to have better hit in throat.


There are plenty of guidelines and equipment’s are available in preparing the e-liquids of your interest. Mostly people place large amount of nicotine level when they prepare themselves. If you really want to quit, always purchase them from shop. Sometimes you will be interested to stay home instead of going out. If you knew the preparation method, you would start preparing it. To avoid this you purchase one from shop. And always prefer to have zero nicotine products to pull yourself from the smoking habit. The preparation and storage of e-liquids need additional care to protect them from contaminations. If you are a family, you always ensure the products are out of reach to the children.

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