A Guide to Rocking Street Style Everyday

Street style is a pretty loose term that refers to style that originated in the streets, instead of from fashion designers, and it can cover a whole range of sub-styles. So, how do you rock a style that you can’t quite pinpoint? This guide to street style will help you figure out exactly what it means, and why it’s turning the fashion industry on its head—in a good way. Revolutionize your look with an authentic style movement that constantly creates, and never emulates, and become a fashion icon all on your own.

1. Statement Outerwear
Street style originated in the streets, so it makes sense that part of rocking this style includes outerwear to keep you warm. But not just any outerwear will do: amp up the glam with a piece of statement outerwear that gets attention and keeps it. Think floor-length coats, faux fur jackets, bright hues, and boxy shapes to get a bold look for your own personal street runway. Plus, once you’ve got your outerwear sorted out, half the battle is done and you just have to worry about what’s underneath. Easy, peasy.

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2. Coordination
The key to making street style yours? Use one standout piece and coordinate the rest of your outfit around it. Whether it’s a bold suit jacket, a monochromatic midi skirt, or a printed trench, use the rest of your outfit to help play it up without looking overdone. The goal is to still make your style look accessible, unlike runway looks that are impossible to replicate. Street style is bold and fun but always wearable, so keep your outfit centred around one unique piece to walk the fine line between matchy-matchy and over the top. Find a goldmine of unique, fabulous pieces online at Tiger Mist.

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3. Different Lengths
Street style is all about the visual effect you have on others and playing with different lengths can help you really nail a fabulous visual dynamic. A long overcoat with a mini dress showing underneath is a great example, but you can make it work with an oversized men’s suit jacket, a mini skirt, and a long t-shirt, or even a midi skirt, a bulky sweater, and a fitted jacket. It’s all about drawing the eye and putting together creative combinations that others haven’t thought of before.

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4. Inspiration
Street style is everything that runway fashion isn’t; it’s original, spontaneous, and completely trend-proof. Find inspiration everywhere to make looks that are completely unprecedented and 100% fabulous. Thrift shops are a great way to find that one standout piece that takes your outfit to the next level, and to make it completely one-of-a-kind, but you can also find great, overlooked pieces in your closet that you can bring back to life and get added wear from. The best thing about this style? It’s not going anywhere, so find your inner creativity and get styling!

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