A Guide to Bohemian Style Dressing

Bohemian style dressing is incredibly striking and unique! The vibe is all about floaty, collected materials that all tell their own story. A bohemian is a traveller, wandering the world and gathering tokens, beautiful pieces and interesting materials, so to channel this spirit, there are a few rules to follow. Whether you’re wanting to make your day to day outfits that little bit dreamier, or you’re heading to a special event or wedding, the boho babe style is absolutely the way to go. If you want to achieve your ideal boho look, but you’re not sure quite how to do it, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s exactly how to capture the free-spirited bohemian aesthetic…

Stay away from structure

Bohemian dressing really doesn’t favour sharp tailoring, clean lines or tight-fitting pieces. The look is all about feeling free and explorative, and anything that is too restrictive or associated with workwear throws off the entire ensemble. When you’re shopping for silhouettes, try to stick to shift dresses, floaty A-line gowns, oversized jackets and airy kimonos. By keeping your clothing loose and relaxed you’ll already be halfway to a perfect bohemian outfit! You can also feel free to layer up your pieces as much as you like, really, the more the better!

Approach materials with caution

Materials matter a lot in the world of boho dressing, so approach with some caution! You should steer clear from ultra-contemporary fabrics such as jersey, Ponti or sequins. Instead, try opting for tulle, lace, silk, linen and cotton. All these are more romantic and free-flowing, making your outfits feel dreamier. If you’re going to be layering up, you should veer towards lighter pieces to create a floaty vibe, instead of feeling weighed down. Drape silks and lace over a simple cotton shift dress, it’s insanely easy once you settle into the bohemian aesthetic.

Stick to a colour theme

Even though the boho style is all about feeling free and extensively travelled, you should try and stick to a colour scheme that works for you. With all of the oversized, loose cuts and rich, intricate materials, it’s a good idea to be somewhat understated when it comes to colour. Try to stick to classy neutrals with a few subtle hints of muted greens, blues and mauves to fit perfectly into the style. If you’re shopping for a flawless bohemian gown, you should stick to block colours, white is perfect for a celestial and unique look.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

Accessories are essential to your boho babe get up, seriously, without them your look will feel incomplete. Again, this can be as dramatic or subtle as you like as long as you’re doing a little bit of layering. If you want a more chic, contemporary bohemian look you should layer up a few delicate gold chains, subtle band rings and add a pair of barely-there strappy sandals. If you’re more of a maximalist at heart, go for your life with your layering! Pair chunky pendants with chokers, add a few statement rings, slide on the metal bangles and, if you love to follow trends, throw on a pair of vintage cowboy boots! If you want to feel a little more summertime appropriate, chunky flatform sandals and a wicker hat will look equally as fab.

By following these basic boho rules, you’ll be feeling as dreamy, floaty and free as possible. Bohemian dressing is such a reoccurring trend in the fashion world, so you should feel comfy shelling out for a few gorgeous investment pieces (hello, beautiful boho dresses!) Remember to have fun and feel comfortable whilst you’re styling, you still want to feel like yourself at the end of the day!

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