A Guide to Accessorizing for Work or Business Meeting

It is essential to dress professionally as per the job description to have success in a career. The way you present yourself matters a lot. It is because people will get little time to get to know you.  Failure to think about how you dress and what accessories to wear in the work setting can make you lose opportunities.

In modern society, professionals are using jewelry and accessories to complement their work outfits. Stud earrings are a way of expressing oneself and being stylish. However, it is crucial to ensure it does not affect your overall outlook and the dress code. Read on to know what to wear for work and what is not suitable for professional settings.

It will depend on the Type of Job

Some people will find the ideal dressing for their job environment, while others do not think about the implications. It is common for individuals doing manual work to avoid wearing jewelry at the workplace. Those dealing in mechanical and technical work need to wear protective gear. On the contrary, careers where individuals work in organizations and other institutions can accessorize their outfits. However, it is essential to think about the implications before choosing what to wear at work.

The Dos and Don’ts

Everyone wants to be themselves at work and home environments. Although you have the freedom of expressing yourself by how you dress, it is crucial to consider your company’s policies on the dressing. In jobs where there is a laid out outfit or professional uniforms for work, jewelry and accessories are good ways of standing out from the rest. Here are some things to consider;

  • Larger or smaller studs; Tutors, and teachers in learning institutions will distract their audience if they wear large earrings. The students may end up being inattentive even though they will be looking at you. On the contrary, real estate agents and insurance brokers can enhance their look by wearing larger studs. Long jewelry and accessories are not ideal for professions that entail physical activity. They can pose the risk of injuries and accidents if they get caught by equipment at the workplace. It can be uncomfortable for a person wearing large studs to be on the phone all day.
  • Conservative or trending; You will find companies not talking about jewelry at the workplace, but they expect you to use common sense. Financial institutions may be conservative in their approach as they will recommend minimal accessorizing on work outfits. The dangly, colorful, and bulky accessories are not ideal for companies with conservative dressing codes. Avoid putting on your ankle bracelets as they may appear casual. As the work environment is continually shifting, companies are relaxing their stand on jewelry and accessories.


Whether the dress code is casual or professional, it is prudent to look at how you accessorize the outfits. Also, ensure you look good in what you are planning to wear. Earrings will mostly depend on the shape of your face. Some stylists can help you choose when out shopping.

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