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A Guaranteed Approach to Raising a Little Genius - Likeitgirl

A Guaranteed Approach to Raising a Little Genius

Every parent wants their kids to grow up to be healthy, happy and hopefully successful. While these wishes are so natural and normal, not every parent actually does what is necessary to help their kid achieve these things. We simply can’t underestimate the role parents play in their kid’s development, both mental and cognitive. We influence our kids every day, probably more than we are aware of, which means we have this great opportunity to shape them into little geniuses and help them realize their full potential. So, how should we go about it?

Help them be creative

We know that kids are curious by nature and that they use chance available to be creative, imaginative and productive. That’s why we should strive to steer their creative juices towards meaningful goals and inspire them to be inquisitive and creative in order to develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge, success and progress.

Kids are particularly creative when they play, so we should allow them to pursue such activities as much as possible. Also, if we are doing something creative, like cooking a meal, we should invite them to help us. Not only will they learn some important life skills, but they’ll also get a chance to be creative and experiment. Finally, talking to them, asking meaningful questions and nudging their thought process in the right direction are all excellent ways to help our kids develop their cognitive skills.

It’s never too early to learn

Kids learn from the moment they’re born. Everything around them stimulates their thought processes and if we manage to provide the right challenges for their age, they’ll flourish. Very soon you’ll notice that your kid has developed an aptitude for some things, but don’t forget that some things are not inherited, but built over time. So, finding a reliable kids’ early learning centre, with programs that are suitable for young kid is always a great idea, especially if the activities recommended include your participation.

Once your kid starts school the situation will be much clearer. You’ll be able to see which fields they’re great at and where they need your help. Helping them with their studies, either by investing your time and effort or by hiring a private tutor, will have long-term benefits on their academic achievement. You might be surprised to see that your loved one has changed their attitude towards a particular subject solely because they’ve started feeling more positive about their skills.

Everything is a learning opportunity

More learning actually occurs outside the classroom walls. Each time you’re doing something with your kid, from cooking to going camping, they’re watching you and learning from you. What you have to do, however, to reap the benefits of these opportunities is make sure your kid is involved in those activities. Also, if they don’t do well the first time (and chances are they won’t), help them understand that most things require patience, practice and that giving up has never brought about any success.

Importance of critical thinking

Many studies have confirmed the importance of critical thinking when it comes to personal development. We are aware that there can be no positive change in life without critical thinking and that we need to question everything, re-evaluate doctrines and accept new ideas if they are supported by facts. At least that’s what problem-solvers and thriving adults do. So, if you want your kid to be one of them, teach them how to think critically.

While some say that geniuses are born, it’s difficult to agree with this statement. It seems that a genius mindset is built over time on the foundation of curiosity, knowledge and encouragement. If you manage to help your child realise their potential, you might provide them with the best gift a parent can give their kid.

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