A few simple tips how to plan a unique backyard wedding

A few simple tips how to plan a unique backyard wedding by shadesailsydney.net.au

For the majority of people, wedding celebration is a once-in-a-lifetime event that requires thorough planning and efficient organization. There are endless possibilities, from choosing the right wedding dress to finding a perfect venue. Recently, a backyard wedding has been gaining popularity with future wedding couples and it appears that it’s a perfect alternative to a venue wedding. It offers a more intimate and familiar homey atmosphere and is rather cost-effective. The fact that you are celebrating your big day in your own backyard gives you the freedom to decorate the space any way you want. Even though this might be a more challenging task which requires more work and dedication, you and your friends will surely experience some memorable moments and, ultimately, have a wonderful time.

A few simple tips how to plan a unique backyard wedding by shadesailsydney.net.auPlan it in advance

If you want to have a special and memorable wedding you need to set some time aside and plan it meticulously. Since you’re organizing a wedding in your own backyard it gives you full freedom and total control of the place and enables you to curate your wedding day the way it suits you. Also, there’s a list of things you need to take into consideration from the size of the backyard area and the number of guests it can accommodate to possible weather conditions and decorations. Each backyard has its own capacity that needs to be enhanced as much as possible in order to get all things ready in advance and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Make the best of the natural surrounding

The reason why many couples opt for their backyard as the perfect venue for their special day is that it gives an opportunity to enjoy in festive atmosphere while being surrounded by beautiful greenery and various natural decorations. Not only does it save a lot of money on floral arrangements but it also allows you to develop different inspiring backyard landscaping ideas. If you plan to do some landscaping, make sure you find out the appropriate planting times for all the flowers you are planning to plant. Also, since lawn is the focal point of any backyard, you need to consult a professional landscaper who will give you a few useful tips on how to put it into shape before your day comes.

A few simple tips how to plan a unique backyard wedding by shadesailsydney.net.auInstall a tent

When planning an event as a big and important as a wedding, we usually cannot know precisely what the weather will be like, nor can we predict the effect it might have on the whole atmosphere. Therefore, it is usually advisable to rent a big tent. Not only will it create more intimacy for your guests, but it will also shelter them from rainy and cold weather or blazing sun and high temperatures. They vary in different shapes and sizes and add to a more sophisticated look. If you want to create a more artistic look, you can go for effective and well-designed waterproof  shade sails as they will provide maximum comfort and protection.

Choose the right reception decorations

There are numerous ways you can embellish your backyard and create a perfect festive ambience that will leave everybody breathless. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to make your dream come true. Through effective lighting and small decorative items you will add a sparkle to your wedding and make it more charming and romantic. Lightening up the space with beautiful strands of lights, Chinese lanterns and scented candles on chairs, tables and trees accentuate the natural beauty of the surrounding. You can also adorn your wedding tables with nice dry flowers placed in vintage vases. It will add to a more rustic look and perfectly match the rest of the natural shrubbery.

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