SMILE laser eye surgery is an effective method to treat refractive errors. With the help of laser technology, this treatment has been successfully correcting vision problems in many. 

SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction and it is said to be one of the most advanced vision correction treatment procedures. People who have myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia can opt for this laser surgery for better vision and less to no chances of complications.

What To Know About SMILE Surgery Procedure?

SMILE surgery is a minimally invasive eye treatment that corrects refractive errors and eliminates the use of contacts and glasses. This whole process is computer-guided and uses a laser instrument that makes a small cut in the cornea to remove the lenticule. When the cornea is reshaped the patient gets a better and improved vision.

Both traditional techniques and modern processes are used in this treatment to get better precision. 

Benefits of SMILE Surgery

Minimum Invasion

SMILE is a very simple process that is done with very little invasion. Unlike the other laser eye surgery, SMILE is a quick and uncomplicated method. It does not require creating a flap like that in LASIK treatment. Therefore, it retains the strength of the cornea. Even in PRK, there is a removal of a portion of the corneal surface. 

But in SMILE the doctor creates a small keyhole incision that does not interrupt the corneal strength. Post-surgery the cornea heals fast and remains stable.

No Permanent Flap

In SMILE there is no creation of corneal flaps. The small incision made during the surgery heals quickly without the need for any stitches. The process is done with just one laser instrument and is not a complex one. The cut within the cornea is not a permanent one.

Safe and Accurate Treatment

SMILE is a safe method and many think it is safer than all the laser treatments there is. The visual recovery is quick in this method and the process can be done very accurately.

No blade, odor or noise

The excimer laser used in LASIK and PRK creates a clicking sound that makes patients anxious and uncomfortable. This is absent in the SMILE method. There is also a noticeable amount of smell that comes out during LASIK and PRK. but the SMILE process is odor-free because there is no use of a blade. The incision is made 

Less Chance Of Dry Eyes

Getting dry eyes is a common side-effect that patients experience after LASIK treatment. But with SMILE there is very little chance of developing dry eyes. Since this process involves small incisions, it reduces the chances of dry eye symptoms after the surgery.

Affordable Treatment Cost

SMILE surgery cost is quite affordable. People prefer SMILE treatment because it is cost-effective. The best part is it gets rid of the cost of glasses and contacts. So the patients can save thousands in the long run.

Who Can Undergo SMILE?

Not all the patients are suitable for LASIK or PRK. Candidates who have strong cornea are advised for LASIK or PRK treatments. But with SMILE one does not have to worry about eligibility. Patients who have a thin cornea, irregularly shaped cornea or chronic dry eye symptoms can easily opt for SMILE.

The entire process lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. But the patient is allowed to relax for about 10 minutes before releasing. Patients can get back home on the same day of the operation.

The visual recovery is quick in SMILE. The patient starts getting clearer vision within the next 24 hours of the treatment. But one must also follow all the instructions given by the ophthalmologist to speed up the healing. 

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