A Brief Account on Why People Love Kiawah Island

The oldest and largest metropolitan of South Carolina, Charleston has always been a hot pick among all travel enthusiasts. But now with increasing inclination towards exploring the unseen popularity of the exotic barrier islands of Kiawah is also increasing exponentially. So this holiday season if you are looking for a vacation in the Atlantics, how about a vacation amidst the gushing waves, gastronomic delights, and adrenaline pumping golf matches? If you are thinking it’s a dream farfetched then don’t worry as Kiawah Island is there to fulfill all your dreams. Here’s a brief rundown on Kiawah island things to do and see to ease your way in planning out the perfect vacation.

The Exotic Sunrise and Sunset

In case you have previously been to any place on East coast the magical essence the sunrise and sunset creates on its surroundings is something already known to you. And in the case you haven’t experienced it yet then Kiawah is precisely the place for you.

Take a beach facing rental and wake up to the first day of sun and then with a cup of hot steaming coffee enjoys as the sun rises glittering over the mighty Atlantic waves. And again in the evening after a day of exploring the grits of the island sits with a glass of exotic East coastal drink and let the sunset sink in slowly engulfing the surroundings in the dusk.

The Country Side Cookouts

There is no holiday without any gastronomic joy-ride. And when you are on the exotic barrier island of Kiawah the lip-smacking delights are worth trying. Want some dash of local country mix to this lip-smacking experience? Walk down to the banks of Kiawah River, on every Monday of summer season or on public holidays and be a part of the long-standing traditional Mingo Point Oyster Roast and BBQ festival.

Tuck yourself up with piles of traditional dishes, freshly cooked oysters, smoked chicken and even juicy pulled pork. Such feasts are generally accompanied by a number of local band performances and even small artisans selling artifacts. Thus giving you a full glimpse into the country life.

Rent a Bike

Nothing can give you better idea about any city than riding it all over by yourself. And when in Kiawah you get ample opportunity to explore the island with bike rentals. Just get an alligator bike and with a naturalist guiding you through the marshes, swamps, wetlands and occasionally you can see Loggerhead sea turtles, American alligators, and various species of migratory birds.

The Night Heron’s Park

If you are on a family trip and have kids with you then this park is a must drop for you. This epic centre for fun in Kiawah as got every ride and fun-phallic attractions for kids of all age groups. Let your kids enjoy various kinds of sports activities like disc golf, tennis, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and paddling or just run around the kiddos playground

Also, the park has various attractions and activities for adults as well. Go for a run down the river with kayaking or paddleboarding. Occasionally various live-in concerts are organized as part of recreational events. And if you are lucky you might turn in during the time of Sundown festival which is hosted every year once a week for 18 weeks. It is one of the most famous carnivals on the island.

Trail the Waves

A beach holiday without any exclusive water sports is incomplete. There are a number of groups with experience dating back decades providing instructors, guides and props for such activities. Just peer up with any of such leading ones and go for a paddleboarding or kayaking, or just relax yourself amidst the calm Atlantic waters and watch the dolphins, various sea creatures nesting in their natural habitats.

The Island Golf Resort

Probably the most famous destination of Kiawah Island is the ‘Kiawah Island Golf Course Resort’ which as the name suggests is an exclusive golf course resort on the island. Hailing over jubilees this resort is exquisitely known for its superbly harmonious, lush, green ambiance. The resort is a perfect blend of high-class aristocrat living with all modern day amenities and an alluring coastal line view. The resort standing as a relic of history holds all modern day amenities perfectly along with its world famous 5 golf courses.

Beach Walker Country Park

When you are hoping for the most majestic view of the gushing Atlantic waves a stroll down the beach walker country park is a must. Located on the western side of the island this sparsely populated park is the best place for you to enjoy the mighty Atlantic’s is serene. Just hold your partner’s hand and stroll down for a long walk or you can even go swimming here.

Freshfield Village

Just as you walk down the river banks for the food fiesta Freshfield village falls in the way. With the number of boutique stores and snacks shack’s the place is filled with vivid colors and lives of the local residents. Don’t forget to get a glimpse of it while licking on to their island famous ice-creams.

Charters and Boat Rides

Kiawah as a significantly the less populated island has some of the richest natural and marine life reserves. So, hire a charter boat and sail upstream with a glass of exotic champagne gets awestruck at the diversity and beauty of untamed marine lives.

Spa and Sauna

A holiday is all about rejuvenating your body cells. And with all the adrenaline rush in golf court or tennis court or kayaking in the end you need some spa and therapy to revitalize. With the islands’ famous spa and therapy centres reawaken your bodily senses. Most of the massage centres in this island are well known for their entourage of therapies like prenatal, couple’s massage, cocoa Shea wrap and rub, lemongrass wrap and rub, hot stone aromatherapy, etc. So don’t forget to pamper yourself

In The End

The island of Kiawah has a lot to offer. From exotic tropical coastal glimpses to white fine sand dunes from untamed marine habitats to pine and oaks strolling around. So this holiday season rent a stunning luxurious rental property in Kiawah and experience the Atlantic way of life.

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