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9 Trendy Wedding Decorating Ideas - Likeitgirl

Your wedding reception should be as beautiful as you’ve always envisaged it. Whether you’ve chosen a boho theme with pastel colors or a classic, formal décor, here are 9 ways to further beautify your reception and amaze your guests with your creativity.

1. Hang Flowers

Flower arrangements are crucial for any wedding reception. They tie everything together and create an eerie atmosphere. Instead of placing them on the table, which might already be cluttered, hang them from the ceiling for a stunning effect.

2. Chalkboards for Personalized Messages

Everyone wants their wedding to be unique. Chalkboards are budget friendly and easy to personalize. You can jot down a welcome message for your guests, write down a short, inside joke, or a romantic quote from your favorite book.

3. Colored Glassware

Add pops of color throughout the entire venue by using colored glasses. This will instantly elevate any table and create a fresh, cheerful look. You can rent the glasses of your choice so you don’t have to worry if you’re on a tight budget.

4. Calligraphy Menus

Surprise your guests with handmade menus instead of the traditional printed cards.

This is a sweet touch that can easily be adjusted to fit any theme and décor. Since calligraphy artists can ask for steep rates, search for young artists who will be glad to help you out for a reasonable price.

5. Eye-Catching Table Runner

This is a great wedding decorating idea, especially if you’re on a budget. Table runners are underestimated, however, they can really make your entire table pop.

Play with contrasting colors and patterns to achieve the perfect look. Don’t forget to color coordinate the table runner with the flowers and tableware to make sure the hues don’t clash.

6. Family Photo Wall

This sweet and creative idea will be a true walk down memory lane. If you have old photos of your parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents, put them on display for all your guests to see.

This makes for a great conversation starter and it’s an affordable piece of romantic décor.

7. Paper Lanterns

If your wedding reception will take place in a tent and you don’t know how to make the ceiling more attractive, paper lanterns are the safest bet.

You can hang as many as one hundred to create a soft, eerie look. Stick to a neutral color palette so as not to overwhelm the rest of the design.

8. Rustic Terrariums

Not everyone loves flower centerpieces and if you’re one of them, terrariums are the ideal alternative. Adding a vintage, rustic feel is easy when you’re using moss, succulents and just a few blossoms.

If you decide to make your own terrariums, encourage your guests to take one home when the wedding reception is over. They will have something to remember the special day by.

9. Photo Backdrops

Chances are your guests will be snapping dozens of photos at your wedding reception. Why not offer them a colorful, unique photo backdrop for it? You can personalize it after your heart’s desire and use accessible materials like balloons, paper flowers, tissue paper tassels or even greenery garlands.

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