9 Things You Should Never Do on the Plane

Did you know there are certain things that you shouldn’t do during a flight? They can be harmful and quite dangerous to you. We are confident there are some on this list that you didn’t even think of. You’ll be surprised but tap water, soda, and tray tables can be dangerous. Let’s look at things that you should never do during your flight.

1. Walk Barefoot

Walking barefoot around public places without shoes is an extremely stupid idea, and especially on an airplane. A huge amount of bacteria and unpleasant substances such as spilled drinks, vomit, and even blood are on the plane floor inside the cabin. Moreover, stewardesses often keep dropping glasses and there’s a risk to cut yourself while walking barefoot to the restroom. 

2. Drink Ice Drinks

A 2005 EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) study found that 15% of aircraft water was infected with E. coli. In subsequent years, up to our time, the situation hasn’t changed. Ice cubes are still frozen using potentially contaminated water.

3. Sit During the Whole Flight

With frequent flights, people are at a higher risk of deep vein thrombosis and even cardiovascular disease. That’s why such people are encouraged to wear compression stockings and regularly perform cardiac screening. If you often fly on a plane, you should get up from your seat and walk a little or you can at least change the position in the chair and bend your knees.

4. Wear Contact Lenses

It’s better to remove contact lenses and put on glasses before the flight. The cabin air is dry and can cause eye irritation. And if you are going to sleep on the plane, the lenses will only bother you.

5. Eat Food From the Tray Table

Just so you know, no one sterilizes the tray tables. Don’t put cutlery on them and don’t eat food that you accidentally dropped. A study by Travelmath found that a tray table contains 2,155 colony-forming units of bacteria per square inch. For comparison, 265 units live on the toilet flush button. 

6. Tolerate Thirst

If your throat dries up during the flight, the reason for this is not salty snacks. According to the World Health Organization, there is always low humidity in aircraft cabins, usually less than 20% (humidity in your home is higher than 30%). This is due to the measures necessary to seal the cabin. Drink more water but not from the tap.

7. Drink Coffee or Tea

It may seem to you that drinking tea or coffee on the plane is more reliable in terms of sterility but still, it’s better to choose other drinks. Caffeine, which is found in both coffee and tea promotes dehydration and has a diuretic effect. The restroom on the plane is not a pleasant or clean place. 

8. Drink a Lot of Alcohol

If you’re afraid to fly then you’re probably going to drink a little alcohol for courage during flight. But you shouldn’t do this since alcohol also dehydrates your body. In addition, it has a diuretic effect and suppresses the immune system which has to fight the bacteria on the tray table in front of you. And finally, people get drunk faster on the plane. Either way, being drunk on the plane is simply impolite.

9. Neglect Sunscreen

Scientists have estimated that in an hour of flight, civil aviation pilots receive about the same amount of ultraviolet radiation as people in a tanning salon in 20 minutes. Therefore, you should use sunscreen especially if you are sitting by the window. In addition, it moisturizes the skin which is important taking into account the dry air in the cabin.

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