9 Nursing Tools Every Nurse must have

Now that you are through with your nursing exams, and you have been certified as a nurse, there are essential tools that you must have in possession to carry out your duty as a nurse effectively. Those tools we will discuss below are vital to nurses.

A Good Stethoscope

One of the things that signify you are nurse or medical personnel is a stethoscope. Most medical centers will require you have one as a qualified nurse. It is an essential tool been used by nurses to measure the heartbeat of patients and pulse.

You must get a quality stethoscope that will last longer. The earpiece should be comfortable to use; the chest, headpiece, tubing, and diaphragm should be made of high-quality materials and should be easier to use for anyone. 

9 Nursing Tools Every Nurse must have

Comfortable shoes

One of the qualities I have known with nurses is smartness. A nurse must be smart in all aspects. It is the reason that most nurses must have all it takes to be smart. If you’ve watched grey’s anatomy or nurses, you will notice something familiar in them, and it is the way they dress.

All of them dress to look smart and comfortable. Getting a comfortable shoe is essential as it enhances their movement. You should see how nurses run around during emergency cases, and in such a situation, you do not need any delay, not alone to talk of those caused by your wears.

Quality watch

One of the things you must own as a nurse is a quality watch. During your search for a quality watch there are essential factors that you should consider, and they are the portability, the weight, and the convenience of wearing the watch.

The aim of wearing a quality watch is to make you smart and as well keep a record of things that are related to your work. For instance, if you are attending to a patient and you have to check the time of birth, time of death, and some others like the next time for treatment or checkup, you need a quality watch.

You should get a watch that is very easy to read for you. Your focus should be more on a lookout that will complement the nature of your work as there are many watches out there in the market that has features made, especially for medical personnel.

Medical pen

Another tool that most nurses should have is a medical pen. The pen is being used to write and keep a note of each parent’s treatment. Some medical pen comes with added features such as light in which you can use to check the eye of your patient.

The pen you get must be lightweight and very easy to use. It is a device that must be very easy to reach out to. It must be able to fit into your pocket, and you must be able to reach out to it as well quickly. You must pen down all medical details because you can quickly get details of your patient treatment.

Hand sanitizer

The most medical clinic should provide this for doctors and nurses. Also, nurses have to ensure they have their hand sanitizer. The aim of this is to ensure they lower all chances of getting infected with any kind of disease. Treating all type of patient with different disease open nurses to risk.

And one of the ways to keep yourself safe is through prevention, and one of the means to that is taking an injection and also using a hand sanitizer to keep your hands-off germs.

Medical textbook

This should not be far from most nurses. No one is too big to add to his or her knowledge bank. Some situations will warrant you consulting your textbook either to remember something or to find a better way of attending to things.

No one is too big for learning. That reminds me of days during medical school where we have to retire back to the medical books for research during any presentation or quiz. The same applies to nurses and doctors. If you ever see a medical textbook in a doctor or nurse’s office, don’t be surprised.


You might think this should only be seen in the clinic or hospital. But it is a tool that every nurse must-have. A thermostat is a medical device been used to measure body temperature. One of the first things a nurse has to do with a patient is to check the heat and keep reading it before doing any treatment.

Blood pressure apparatus

If you are a nurse, one of the tools you should own is the blood pressure checker. The device is being used to check the blood pressure of anyone. A nurse must be able to measure the blood pressure of a patient. You must be vast with the use of the tools.

It is not a big issue for nurses to have BB apparatus in their possession. I have seen some people own it to check their blood pressure in the comfort of their home even when they have little or no knowledge of medical teaching.

First aid kits

First aid kit is the device been used to attend to a wounded patient to maintain a stable condition before the arrival of any medical team. It is not a must-have tool for nurses, but nurses must keep some of the devices present in first aid kits with them always.

No one can tell of unseen or unplanned cooccurrences that will demand the use of first aid to keep someone alive.


One of the respected professions in the world is nursing. They give all in their power to save lives and keeps humans safe and healthy. However, there are some essential tools that they need to carry out their activities effectively. Above are some of the essential tools you can gift any nurse.


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