If you refused to wear glasses in favor of lenses, then you already know about their main advantage which is a crystal clear peripheral vision. Most likely you are familiar with rules on how to handle them. Unlike glasses, you can’t just put on lenses and wear them all day without care and preparation. Here are a few mistakes to avoid so the lenses will not harm your eyes.

1. Forget to Wash Your Hands

This may seem obvious, but many people neglect this rule. It is important to always wash and dry the hands before touching your eyes. Such things as dirt, bacteria, and natural skin oils can get onto the surface and cause inflammation, as well as damage the lens material itself.

2. Apply Makeup First

Even if you don’t feel comfortable applying makeup wearing the lenses, it is extremely important to put them on before. Otherwise, you risk putting tiny bits of mascara or shadows in your eyes.

3. Show Creativity

Everyone has a friend who tried to wash the lenses in the mouth or in tap water when there is no special solution nearby. This is an extremely dangerous method and you should not turn to it even in the most difficult cases. You should always make sure that you have a solution with you for cleansing.

4. Rarely Refresh the Solution

Avoid reusing the solution from the previous day since the old solution won’t be able to disinfect your contact lenses. Do not forget to change the container at least once a month, and rinse with clean water once a week.

5. Reuse One-Day Lenses

The best bonus of one-day lenses is that they simply do not need any cleaning and storage, and this reduces the likelihood of pollutants accumulating in the whites of the eyes. Every additional touch of a finger increases the risk of infection. If you chose a one-day format of lenses, try to stick with it.

6. Buy New Lenses Without Consultation

Never use contact lenses without a proper eye examination by an eye doctor. The consultant at the ophthalmological shop can’t find out whether it is safe for you to wear lenses, determine the radius and strength. 

Do not forget that even the coincidence of certain parameters with your recipe does not guarantee that any lenses will suit you, they may end up being too sensitive or hard for you. If you do not pay attention to alarming signals like pain and redness, you risk getting a serious infection and even loss of sight.

7. Wearing Them Too Long

Everyone wants to avoid situations in which you confuse a flying garbage bag with a person. But constantly wearing lenses can affect the health of your eyes. Of course, everything is individual and depends not only on how the lacrimal canals work but also on the environment. If you live in a big city, spending the whole day in the lenses can be dangerous because of the flying microparticles in the air.

8. Sleeping in Lenses

Do not forget to remove contact lenses at night, especially if they are not intended for prolonged wear and your doctor has not prescribed them for treatment. Wearing lenses during sleep increases the risk of eye problems, including possible vision loss.

9. Do Not Check Your Eyes Every Year

Recommendations for contact lenses, as a rule, work only for a year. This means that after a year they will not necessarily fit you. An annual inspection will also update the recipe and help to identify other possible diseases at an early stage.

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