8 Ways to Support Your Child through Online School

If you have a child attending school online, you need to ensure that they maintain a good support system. This is to go along with their new situation. Since you will not be in the classroom with your child, you must find other ways to have their back. Here are eight ways that you can provide extra support to your child:

Get Physically/Emotionally and Mentally Involved

As a parent, you will be an active part of the online school community. That means you should take an active role in your child’s online school. That includes finding out the online school agenda and ensuring that you are always informed about important matters. Such as which courses are best suited for her learning style and schedule. Take an active role so that you can maximize your child’s learning experience.

Make Online School a Family Event

Let your whole family understand the child’s or children’s schedule. Other relatives can help the child understand different concepts. They can also help keep an eye on your child when you are not around. This way, your child’s education is kept in line.

Join a Parent Chat Group

It is a beautiful idea to offer to support each other as parents. Online schooling can be difficult for many parents if their family lives on opposite sides of the country. It can be challenging to keep everyone happy. However, it would help if you learned how to support one another when you all work. This will help you get the most out of the experience.

Don’t Be Afraid to Communicate

Communication is key to any good learning experience. It would help if you were open and willing to communicate with your child about school. That is not effective and will end up creating resentment.


According to USA Today News, parent’s involvement in their child’s learning impacts their performance. Interact with your child’s online tutor as often as you can. Find out if your child is progressing and what you can do to make it better.


Seek the Services of a Counselor

Have a reliable, responsible school counselor. While not all home school counselors are reputable, you can check their professional backgrounds online. There you will know what others have to say about the school counselor you are considering.


The school counselor handles taking notes on the children’s lessons and submitting them to the online school. They must also ask the parents for input so that they know what their child is learning.

Have a Reliable Internet Connection

This is an important thing to consider when thinking about how you support your child through online learning. Often, you will not have to worry about this. However, if your internet connection is slow or lousy, your child may not be able to take advantage of the great programs that are available. Consider a fast and reliable internet connection in your home before deciding how to support your child through online learning.

Find Online Interaction Communities

You may also want to consider what kind of social networking sites are available for your children. With more parents getting involved in online communities, there are now many places for your kids to go to interact with each other.


These sites can provide a good opportunity for you to learn how you support your child through online learning. Find out what types of social networking sites your child enjoys using and attend their events.

Seek Guidance

If you feel like you can’t figure out how you support your child through online learning, talk to your local schools. Find out what kinds of programs they offer and see if any of them might assist you. Your child needs to have access to an excellent education, and you don’t want to worry about where she will get that education. Your local education department should be able to give you some guidance.


Homeschooling is a win-win situation. It allows your child more freedom. It is much easier to teach online than in a traditional classroom. You can take breaks, pause classes for lunch or even read on the computer during holidays. You can go at your child’s pace when it is appropriate for them. This can help them in the long run and keep their interest.


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