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8 Unique Ways to Style Your Little Ones - Likeitgirl

Your children deserve to be just as stylish as you are and to be able to show off their fashion sense to the world. They may need help when they are young, however, with styling themselves so they stand out from the rest. You can style your children to always look fashionable by following the eight tips below.

1. Get Vintage

Vintage style children’s clothing is in right now, especially with the rise of the bohemian look from the ’70s and the Y2K look. Many of the top designers are coming out with prints and designs that are particularly vintage in their styling. It is also popular now to check out thrift and consignment stores for pieces of children’s clothing that represent these decades that are popular right now.

2. Get Graphic

When this article is saying get graphic, you do not have to worry, as it is just talking about graphic prints. Look for shirts with funny or motivational sayings that your kids will love to wear out in public to show off to the world. You can also find clothing for head-to-toe looks that has graphic patterns made from characters from their favorite shows or movies or even bold patterns in bright colors in shapes.

3. Get Matchy

Having your children match is so in right now, and it can be absolutely adorable. Even if you have a boy and a girl, you can find outfits that correlate with one another, with one outfit being a dress and one being a pair of shorts and a button-down shirt, for instance. You can also find matching outfits for parents with their children so that you all are looking stylish.

4. Get a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is the perfect piece of outerwear for any outfit that your child wears. It can add to that retro and vintage look that is popular right now too if you style it right, especially with a bandana wrapped around your child’s head. You can dress the jacket up with a nice outfit, or keep it casual with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

5. Get Color Inspiration

Any child’s outfit should at least have one fun color in it in some form. It is stylish for children right now, however, to even have an entire outfit that is devoted to one color scheme specifically. This could be an outfit that only contains pastel colors, or it could be an outfit that only contains different shades of one color like blue, for instance.

6. Get Accessories

It is not fair for you as the mother or the father to have all of the accessories. Let your children put some on too that will really enhance their outfit and make them stand out in a crowd. You can get a pair of fake glasses that looks adorable on any child, large hair bows for your daughter, or even pieces of jewelry such as necklaces for both boys and girls.

7. Get Oversized

Children look so cute when they are in oversized clothing as it helps to accentuate how small they are. You can place a child in an oversized shirt as a dress for a girl or as a large and baggy shirt that is cute with a pair of sweatpants for either gender. Put your child in a large hat to go with the outfit or even with a large pair of fake glasses on their face if you want to.

8. Get Attitude

Finally, to really take your child’s style to the next level, let them express their attitude. Let them have some say in what they want to wear, which will allow their personalities to shine. Do not be afraid to let them try a new style once they get a little older as this will help to develop their attitudes and personalities as well.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who enjoys fashion, you likely want your child to be fashionable as well. You can do this by following the style tips that are listed above. Each of these are guaranteed to make your child the cutest in town and to really let their personalities shine above the rest.

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