8 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Color For Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding preparations, the combination of colors is often an overlooked aspect. Deciding on the main color is difficult, especially when you have a lot of ideas in mind.


By using the following tips, you will be guided on how you will choose the evident colors:


Set your priorities.

What do you need to prioritize? Do you need to buy first your dream cap sleeve bridesmaid dress or should you choose a location/theme to  decide? Set your priorities first before pursuing your plan to avoid hassles down the road. 


Moreover, keep in mind that as part of the wedding planning, it is important that both sides have agreed with a specific theme and color. A clash of overflowing choices might lead to an extremely designed venue. It won’t be ideal to include all colors in the color wheel to express how excited you are.


Identify the venue.

The location might be the place where your first meeting happens. The set of colors must work on the entire scene. Your own style and preference must be the motivation on choosing the color palette. However, there must always be a balance on the surroundings.


Whether you choose a classic theme or vintage one, the right color scheme will truly matter. Every spot becomes pleasing to the eyes if the combination of all colors was properly identified right from the start of the preparation.


Follow your favorite colors.

By opening your closet, you can discover the colors that capture your interest. Selecting the wedding hues will be easier if you know what you really want.


Think of the mood.

Do you want to create a dramatic setting? Would you like a relaxing ambiance? The selection of colors will affect the final output. Style is an important thing to look at. There must be a firm mindset on everything you plan.  


Do a simple research.

If you find it difficult to decide on the evident colors, you can ask your friends. Furthermore, it is ideal to read magazines and articles regarding the applicable wedding colors.


See the color wheel.

This might be a basic thing. However, a color wheel is a good source to identify whether 2 colors will match or not. Warm and cool colors must be combined according to their opposites.


The selection of color also contributes to the overall appeal of the wedding. Just like in a relationship, two different colors must match to each other in order to create harmony and balance. Make your wedding venue stylish by incorporating the suitable color.


Go with the color for a season.

Wedding preparations usually take several months. The trend during the planning process might be quite different to the season of your “wedding day”. For example, Rosy pink is recommended during spring; brighter coral for summer; and silver for winter. You still have the freedom to pick the best one for you.


Whether you prefer a light pastel tulle bridesmaid dresses or totally bright color mermaid bridesmaid dresses, you must always consider the visual appeal. The texture will add an accent to the original color.


What do you want to convey to your guest?

While most people think that color scheme is just a mere reception décor, couple should that its impact actually begin right before RSVP. Believe it or not, your guest will know your scheme once they got your save-the-date. That piece of paper will already give a clue what they should anticipate on your wedding day.


Orange card stocks along with white hand lettering means they need to expect the unexpected while gold scheme denotes formality.



Once you found yourself lost in a wide sea of color ideas, the aforementioned tips can save you. 

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