8 Strange Scientific Methods to Fight Cancer

According to Nature Communications, Australian scientists have learned to use seaweed as a treatment of cancer. This is quite a strange way to treat this disease. Read about other unusual methods to fight cancer. What if they are even more effective than traditional methods?

1. Poliomyelitis

Is it possible to treat a fatal disease with another one? According to the practice of scientists from Duke University, they cured brain cancer through one of the RNA sequences of poliomyelitis. The genetically modified virus which is also called PVS-RIPO destroys the shield by which tumors are protected from the immune system. 

2. Malaria

Danish scientists noticed the similarity between the development of a cancerous tumor and the development of the placenta in pregnant women. Both of them started as a small organ just a few millimeters in size and gradually grew several dozen times. But how is malaria related to this fact? The malaria parasite is able to attach to the placenta and therefore to the cancer tumor. Scientists recreated a protein that is able to attach to a tumor and filled it with a toxin that kills the tumor. Today this method is considered as one of the most promising treatments of cancer.

3. Herpes

More recently the herpes virus has been approved for the treatment of the last stages of skin cancer. Talimogene laherparepvec or T-VEC, a slightly modified venereal disease by scientists leads to mutations of the tumor in the body and it has already led to complete remission in many people. 

4. Wasps

Scientists from the University of Leeds (UK) have discovered that the poison contained in the sting of Brazilian wasps can be used for cancer treatment. The Polybia-MP1 molecule attacks the lipids in cancer cells and successfully destroys them, moreover, healthy cells don’t suffer from this.

5. Scorpions

According to Iranian scientists, amino acids contained in the poison of blue scorpions are able to fight cancer cells in the same way as wasp poison. Today, medication based on scorpion poison has passed laboratory tests and is awaiting approval by the Iranian Ministry of Health for human testing.

6. Seaweed

Australian biologists have modified the DNA of seaweed and made them able to deliver medicines to hard-to-reach areas in the human body such as the heart of the tumor. Now scientists are planning to supply seaweed with an anti-cancer medication with camptothecin to see how effective this method will be. 

7. Tomatoes

As a result of research conducted by employees of the University of Illinois, scientists found that tomato component lycopene reduces the growth of prostate tumors, at least in animals. After this discovery, scientists began creating a modified tomato with enhanced anti-cancer properties.

8. Tobacco

You’ll be surprised but the fact that tobacco, which is one of the most common causes of lung cancer, is quite capable of curing cancer. Biologists from the Institute of Molecular Sciences La Trobe (Australia) found out that it’s enough to attract tobacco molecules to the cancer cells so that they fight each other and in the end, the molecules destroy the tumor. The NaD1 molecule which is present in the structure of tobacco flowers blocks the lipids of cancer cells and breaks them out before they start harming the body.

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