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8 Simple Methods How to Regulate Your Periods - Likeitgirl

8 Simple Methods How to Regulate Your Periods

Irregular periods are a common problem for women that may cause nasty situations. As you know, we are all different, and each woman has a different cycle. Someone’s period may only last a few days, while someone can last for a few weeks per month. In most cases, women bleed for a couple of days (from 2 to 7). There are many reasons why women have irregular periods, for example, diet or stress. Several studies show that irregular periods can be treated with special exercises, diet, and many other things. Keep reading to learn how to put them back on track.

1. Try yoga

Many people think that yoga is only about stretching, but they may not know that yoga is very beneficial for the whole body. In our case, it’s beneficial for women with irregular periods. Yoga is known as a good remedy for many menstrual troubles. This remedy helps to relieve menstrual pain, depression, anxiety, and primary dysmenorrhea. If you don’t know how to do yoga right, you should contact a professional trainer. When you learn how to move correctly you can continue classes or you can do yoga at home. There are different methods of doing yoga at home: from videos to online classes. As we have already mentioned, yoga is very beneficial for the whole body, which is why it is worth trying.

2. Reduce stress in your life

People have mentioned that stress negatively affects our bodies. Several studies agree that stress also affects periods. Women with a big amount of stress in their lives may have irregular periods. They should know how to avoid or reduce stress in their lives, as it will help regulate their menstrual cycle. Try to do activities that reduce your stress level. If you have chronic stress, you can try special breathing techniques, medications, or even meditation. This practice may help you with irregular periods.

3. Maintain a healthy weight

All women have weight changes during their life, but not many of them know that weight changes affect their periods. Several research studies have shown obese people are more likely to have irregular periods. This is why people should maintain a healthy weight to help them regulate their periods. A healthy weight doesn’t mean underweight, it means a normal BMI test level. As all we know, being underweight may also cause irregular periods. If you have noticed irregular periods, and you have a weight problem, you should contact your doctor and create a weight loss/gain program.

4. Meditate

Meditation is one of the most popular relaxation methods. A lot of people around the world practice meditation to reduce stress and relax. As we have mentioned, stress and periods are connected, which is why it’s so important to reduce it in your daily life. If you don’t know how to meditate, you can try meditation classes or youtube videos. For your first time, try to meditate for a few minutes, but increase the time by a minute each day.

5. Do exercise regularly

Exercise is beneficial for the whole body, and periods aren’t an exception. Exercise helps maintain a healthy weight and keep the body in a good shape. Exercise is recommended for people with health conditions that cause irregularities in periods, for example, PCOS. Several researchers have approved that exercise helps reduce pain during periods. If you have any gynecological problem and you have no clue what type of exercise you can do, you should contact a gynecology clinic, and opt for the one that is best for you. 

7. Examine your diet

Many people have problems with their nutrition, including not eating enough or eating too much, among other problems. All these problems create stress to the hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands. People with diet problems should follow these simple rules: don’t skip carbohydrates in your diet, skip high-fiber diets, Fill up on fats, consume enough folate, try to eat papayas and pineapples. All these diet remedies may help you regulate your periods.

8. Consider supplements

Many women have problems with menstrual periods, that is why scientists have created supplements to help. If you think that you need to add supplements to your diet, you should make an appointment with your doctor and choose supplements that fit your needs. There are a lot of supplements that you can find in your local store, but you should know that many of them are harmful to pregnant people. Here are some advantageous supplements: inositol, cinnamon, turmeric, evening primrose oil, castor oil, black cohosh, chaste berry, mugwort.

The bottom line

All in all, women should keep track of their health and if they notice any problem, they should seek help. Doctors are always glad to help you, that is why you shouldn’t hesitate. As you now know, irregular periods can be caused by many problems, which is why you shouldn’t try to regulate them on your own, because wrong treatment methods may harm you.

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