8 Makeup trends to improve your looks

Thanks to modern makeup products, we can hide unsightly problems, such as dark circles, under-eye bags or fine lines. We can look well-rested and fresh, taking some of those years from our face. Each year, we are presented with some makeup trends, all of them being destined for improving one’s looks. If you are interested in checking out the trends from this year, do not hesitate to keep on reading. In the paragraphs that follow, you will find no less than eight makeup trends, destined to help you make a difference regarding your looks.

#1 No more dark circles

You can hide the dark circles by applying concealer with the help of a pointed brush. It is recommended that you use it in narrow stripes, using the ring finger to blend the concealer in (least amount of pressure applied to the skin). Avoid tugging on the skin and make sure that the shade of the concealer matches the rest of the face. To cover fine lines as well, use the tip of the concealer brush.

#2 Foundation

If you want to even out your skin tone, it is recommended to switch to the foundation stick. For the best results, you can draw a thick line on each cheekbone, to make them pop out. Then, you can also highlight the sides of the nose and also above the eyebrows. Use your finger to blend in the foundation, enjoying the rapidity of the process.

#3 Cream Blush

For many years now, we have been taught that blush is best applied as the powder and with a brush. This year, the cream blush returns to power and for all the right reasons. You can easily use it on your cheekbones, blending it with the rest of the face. If it seems like a little bit too much, you can tone it down by applying some foundation on top of it.

#4 Moisturizer with SPF

As we are all faced with the risk of sun damage, it makes sense that we use products that are meant to protect us against such problems. The moisturizer with SPF is one of the makeup trends of this year; it is recommended that you apply it at the level of the face, before any makeup. This acts as a safe sunscreen, delivering the protection you required throughout the day. For summer days, especially during the peak hours, make sure that you apply some regular sunscreen as well.

#5 Cream Eyeshadow in shimmery hues

The shimmery cream eyeshadow represents the perfect makeup base, giving your eyes a flawless look. All you have to do is use your index finger, applying the eyeshadow from the level of the lash line to the brown bone. This will create a double aspect, masking away unwanted hairs that you did not have time to pluck. To add even more brightness to the eyes, you can apply this in the inner corners as well.

#6 Bronze & Gold, perfect eyeshadow colors

If you want to make your eyes stand out, you will choose either bronze or gold as these are considered two of the most popular eyeshadow colors at the moment. The best application is made with the finger, especially if you are going for the cream shadow variety. Make sure that the brow bone is avoided, as you do not want to obtain the opposite effect. The application of translucent powder will the intensity of the chosen shade.

#7 Brown liner pencil

The brown liner pencil can be used to give your eyes an elegant appearance. All you have to do is apply it at the level of the upper lash line, using the brush, to spread it in an upward direction. Then, you can use your regular eyeshadow, enjoying the intensifying effect of the brown liner.

#8 Lipstick

Using lipstick is not a makeup trend but applying it first in the center of the lips is. So, if you want to achieve a set of beautiful lips, take your lipstick and use it as instructed. Then, spread it on the lips, using your fingers. You can complete the application with one of the best lip plumpers out there. It is guaranteed that you will love the magnifying effect such applications deliver.

These are eight of the makeup trends of the moment, guaranteed to improve your appearance and make you look more beautiful than ever. Do not hesitate to give all of them a try!

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