8 Free Shopping Apps to Make Holiday Shopping Easier

The Holidays are almost here and stress levels are rising. Shopping for gifts is one of the biggest causes of stress during the holiday season. The advent of online shopping has definitely helped, but in more recent years, many free shopping apps have launched that have helped to make holiday shopping easier.

8 Free Shopping Apps

1. Catalog Spree – Do you love catalog shopping? Before the Internet, did you enjoy looking through the pages of your favorite catalogs and make your selections. Do you miss that or do you still shop catalogs? Well, with Catalog Spree, you can still shop by catalog right on your mobile device. Your favorite catalogs are laid out in all their splendor for you to browse through and shop from, without all these trees needing to be cut down and breaking the mailman’s back.

2. RedLaser – RedLaser will help you get the best prices and deals possible. When you first open the app and the only information you give it is your location, it shows you all the deals at all the stores nearby. On the same front page screen it will also show you top coupons, top deals, weekly ads and popular products in general. All this information before you do anything.

Now for what you can do. From the app, scan the bar code on any product and you will see the prices at an array of stores for you to compare. If you don’t have a bar code, you can do a search for any product and get the same results. You can also scan all of your loyalty cards into the app and never deal with carrying them around with you anymore. And you can make shopping lists and then you will have them with you when you shop. Is there anything that this app doesn’t do?

3. ShopAdvisor – This app does one thing, but something important. Do you ever find something you want to buy, but the price is a bit more than you are prepared to spend. You just add the product to your ShopAdvisor WatchList, and if the price is reduced, you will be sent an alert.

4. Shopkick – Shopkick lets you know of the popular products in stores in your area. You can also earn points (kicks) towards gift cards. You receive kicks every time you enter one of these stores, when you scan one of the items or make a purchase.

5. Shopular – Shopular alerts you to all the best coupons to stores around you. Never miss out again.

6. Slice – Do you do a good deal of your holiday shopping online? If so, you will want to download Slice. This app tracks all your packages. It can also save you money with price drop alerts. And it will also send you recall alerts and track your online spending.

7. Smoopa – This app is basically a way of finding products, prices and deals through crowd sourcing. Users add items they like to Smoopa by scanning, searching or tapping an item already added by someone else. Users can also make collections or lists, such as “gifts for babies”. When I first opened the app, on the home page, I see “most liked items”, “popular collections”, “best deals” and “featured retailers”. I could probably find most of the gifts I need from this page alone. If you like items or add collections, it is possible that you might receive special offers.

8. Zoomingo – Sales alerts at local stores. Choose the stores and types of items you are most interested in. Get alerts about them. On your mobile device you can still see sales on all local stores and items if you choose.

Which of these 8 free shopping app will make holiday shopping easier for you?

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