Do you like traveling but can’t make time for it because of your full-time job? I know the feeling. Just like most of you, I keep a 9-5 job. And sometimes, I catch myself staring at my calendar while silently wishing it is time for my vacation leave again.


I love traveling so much that I usually run out of available leaves at work. Most of my holidays are spent traveling, too. I remember there was once a time that I thought of quitting my job to travel the world.


We hear many stories online about how someone quit her job to travel the world. Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t necessarily have to. There are ways to do that even if you have a full-time job. Here’s how.


Plan your trip around the weekend.


Planning your trip around the weekend is one of the best ways to travel while keeping your full-time job.


Instead of planning a trip within the start of the week, like traveling from Monday through Wednesday, try scheduling your break on a Thursday or a Friday. When you do this, you have two extra days to enjoy your vacation. It allows you to have fewer vacation days so you can spend more of your days in the office earning. You will not hear your boss complaining about the number of absences you incur because of traveling.


Use vacation days wisely.


Always remember to keep track of the number of vacation days that you have earned at the office.


I know this might be obvious to you, but let me remind you about it still. Instead of spending the days off by staying in the house watching TV series or not even doing anything, use it to plan a trip instead. It is the perfect time for you to take the vacation that you deserve. Taking a break from work from time to time also helps you to get back more inspired about what you do.


Maximize the holidays.


Just like planning your trips around the weekend, scheduling a break on holidays is another way to extend your vacation.


Celebrations for a public holiday typically lasts for a day, so technically you would only have one day off. However, if you plan your trip wisely, you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference that a day can make. Usually, there is a crowd on holidays, but you can avoid this by starting your day early. Or, by choosing a less popular tourist spot destination. You’d enjoy your trip just the same.


Take shorter trips.


Instead of traveling to somewhere far, choose a destination that’s nearer to you. It will save you so much time.


Rather than spending the entire week for a vacation and waiting for a long time to get to travel again, go to a destination that requires less travel time. It allows you to spend more of your time on the place than on the plane or the train. Doing this also increases your chances of visiting and discovering new vacation destinations in the future.


Rise up early.


On your vacation days, you have to wake up early to start your day ahead. I understand that vacation days are your days to relax but to maximize your vacation, it is wise to rise early.


Instead of waking up at 11 in the morning, rise at around 7. When you do this, you’ll have extra hours to explore the place. You will also double your time of daylight so you’ll have more time to enjoy yourself. You can check out more tourist spots, visit the local coffee shops, and dine in their famous food places. You can do essentially more activities if you wake up early.


Book evening flights.


Booking evening flights not only saves you time but also helps you get some sleep on the plane. Most of us struggle to get some sleep while traveling by plane, but by being on evening flights, this wouldn’t become much of a problem.


Spend your day at work and get busy. When you get on that plane, you’ll be more than ready to sleep. And, by the time that you wake up, you will be in your vacation destination.

Booking evening flights can be a bit tricky sometimes. To save yourself from the hassle, you can hire a virtual personal assistant to do this for you. You don’t need to spend some time doing the research and picking the cheapest travel rates. Let your virtual personal assistant do it for you.


Work remotely.


When you work from home, you’ll have a more flexible time that will enable you to plan a vacation around your schedule.


It allows you to go on a vacation anytime because you can always bring your work with you. You have to make sure that there’s a steady WiFi connection, though. When you can do that, you’re good to go. You can spend some time working in the morning and go sightseeing right after, or vice versa. Choosing how you spend your time will be in your hands.


Some takeaways


It is important to travel and take some time off from work from time to time. When you do this, you will have the opportunity to break the monotony of your weekdays at work and look forward to your weekends or your vacation days.


Your break is essential because they allow you to recharge and come back to work more inspired. Most of the time when you come from a vacation, you become more creative and more ready to take the tasks at hand.


Taking a break also releases some of your stress. It prevents you from having work burn-out and gives you time to breathe and enjoy life. It creates a healthy work and life balance for you and makes you have time for all the things that you want to do in your life.


When was the last time that you traveled and took a vacation? Now is probably the right time to do so.


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Karstine Mae Sanchez is a content marketer at OkayRelax. She loves writing content on business and work management, food and nutrition, and travel lifestyle. When she is not busy, you can find her at the beach, exploring different islands, seeing beautiful waves and walking in the sand.


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