Ah, summer dresses! The perfect outfit to wear to BBQs, the park, the beach, sports games, and so many other fun summer activities. Light and flowy, tight and flirty, bright colors, cute patterns — there’s so much to love about summer dresses. Here are seven ways you can style your summer dress to mix it up all season long.


1) Choose Your Jewelry Style 

A summer dress is so versatile when it comes to attending different occasions. You’ll often find that the same dress can be worn to a laid back picnic and to a fancy wedding. Choosing the right style of jewelry and other accessories can be what makes the difference between casual and formal. If you want a formal look for a special occasion, go with elegant and dainty jewelry that features precious metals and semi-precious to precious gemstones. If you’re just headed to the beach, go for bright colors and fun materials!

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2) Add a Belt

A lot of dresses and women’s clothing come with little belts, and these can easily be matched with any dresses in your closet. It might be a simple rope style that hangs to the side, a beaded belt with long tassels, or you can purchase a thick belt with a buckle that really makes a centerpiece statement when wrapped around a summer dress.


3) Layer It Up

 Adding a layer is a great way to change the look of a summer dress. At the beginning or end of summer, you may want the option of a cardigan or a jacket to offer some protection against chilly weather. In mid-summer, opt for a lightweight blouse. You can leave it open in the front, or partially button it. You can also make your summer dress into a business casual outfit by simply adding a blazer.


4) Footwear Styles

 Choosing your style of footwear also has a big effect on making your look casual or formal. Flip flops are the perfect choice to pair with your summer dress when you’re headed to the beach, the lake, or a neighbor’s BBQ. Dress sandals or heels add to the level of fancy needed to attend a summer wedding. Or, if you plan to be a bit active in your dress, some cute boots or white sneakers may be the right choice for getting some extensive walking in.


5) Accessorize with Hats

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It’s summer and the sun is at its strongest. Sun hats and sunglasses are the perfect accessories when you plan to be outside. A big, wide-brimmed straw hat will protect your face and shoulders from the sun in the garden, at your swimming hole, and anywhere that shade is lacking. Baseball caps and trucker hats are great for attending sports events and can keep your hair pulled back if it’s windy. If you want to look trendy, grab a couple different styles of fedoras to mix and match with your dresses throughout the summer.


6) Pick Your Handbag Fashion

When it comes to dresses without pockets, you’ll definitely need a few handbags to pair with your summer dresses to hold your essentials. A big tote style bag can hold everything you need for the beach like your sunblock, drink tumbler, and towel. Little clutch purses are all you need to hold your phone and wallet when attending a semi-formal event. Grab some handbags in different sizes, colors, and patterns so you can change things up as needed!


7) Make Your Dress Appear As a Skirt

Any dress can instantly become a skirt if you just put a shirt on over top of it. Throw a graphic tee on top and some trendy women’s shoes for a streetwear look. Match your summer dress with a boutique top to change things up. Try out a button-up denim vest and cowgirl boots for a sassy southern style. Adding a top is like creating an entirely new outfit from scratch!


A summer dress and accessories can make you feel like the belle of the ball! Summer dresses are an essential part of every woman’s closet and it’s so fun to mix and match them with jewelry, shoes, hats, and more.

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