7 Ways to Stay Healthy in Winter

Good health means good looks. If you are fit and well, your appearance is more radiant,more vital, and more attractive.

Poor health spells the reverse. The total system suffers, and the chances of looking good are reduced. As winter approaches viral infections become more frequent, but a little forethought can quickly reduce the dangers.

This year, several variants of the common old influenza germ are heading your way. In fact, they have already arrived. As they are variants, they are sufficiently different from previous germs to be able to dodge round any immunity the body may have acquired in previous years.

The common cold is a viral infection and these days it is lumped in with influenza, and the general range of germs that produce upper respiratory infections.

There is a typical story of a running nose, which gradually becomes red and shiny and sore. What woman likes a red shiny nose? It is unattractive, a definite beauty danger, as well as being very uncomfortable.

Red bleary eyes are a common symptom also. The virus often gets into the eye, producing general discomfort as well as an unattractive picture. A sore throat, later on a cough, swollen glands under the jaw and in the neck are also common problems of these viral infections.

Profuse sweating and tingly sensitive skin often occur. Aches and pains are frequent, specially in the back, arms, thighs and legs, and in the larger joints. Besides making you feel very uncomfortable, they make life a burden. The general temperature elevation that occurs produces an overall sensation of being off color. Headaches often attack.

It is common for the sinuses, the large air-containing cavities in the bone just under the eye sockets, to become affected as well. Pain and extreme tenderness can result adding to the general aches and pains at points all over the system.

Pain is the most aggravating part of any viral infection. Anyone in pain reflects this on the face. It often produces sleeplessness, general fatigue, and a furrowed brow that is anything but happy looking.

Colds, chilblains and red noses are all beauty busters

So it is worth taking every precaution right now to avoid the winter onslaughts. Here are some recommendations that will help to keep germs of all kinds out of your way in the months to come.

  1. Make certain you avoid becoming over-tired. Fatigue breeds the opportunity for germs to invade and gain a firm hold. Besides, fatigue reduces good looks. Between six and eight hours a night of good restful sleep is essential to ward off invasions on a long-term basis.
  2. Sensible eating habits are advisable. Eat a good all-round diet. Go easy on high calorie foods (cakes, biscuits, foods containing sugar and white flour). Add more proteins to your diet (cheese, eggs, meat, chicken, fish, or vegetarian protein products like lima or kidney beans if you prefer a non-meat routine). Fruit and vegetables are excellent, and they are usually low in calories and high in protective vitamins.
  3. Vitamin C is still being argued over. Some doctors claim large doses (in the 5,000- 8,000mg a day level) help reduce viral infections. Many people take large doses regularly and believe they are better off. But some doctors are cautious because of possible risks associated with massive doses. The risks in taking 1,000mg a day is probably minimal, and this dosage may give some added protection. But scientifically this is still unproven either way.
  4. Avoid getting chills. It is often easy to get cold suddenly, particularly if coming from an air-conditioned building at night onto the cold, windy or wet streets. Make certain you take adequate gear to work to guarantee you won’t fall for this trap when you leave for home. If you are going to get wet on the way to work, make provision for drying off. Wet feet and clothing all day will quickly open the way for infections to gain a rapid hold in the system.
  5. Drink lots of fluid. Water is cheap and effective. This at least guarantees the system will be rid of unwanted debris and it helps keep the system in tiptop working order month in, month out.
  6. If the weather is really cold, or you’re in snow territory, take special precautions with toes, fingers, and ears, the at-risk spots for chilblains. Keeping them warm does a lot to prevent chilblains. These are big beauty busters which can usually be avoided.
  7. Exercise is a good health idea. Remember that walking is the simplest and the cheapest exercise of all and gets the blood circulating to all parts of the body. It is one of the best keep-fit and keep-good- looking routines available. With a very active circulation, germs are destroyed the moment they enter the system. Food, vitamins and vitality are quickly taken to every part of the system, guaranteeing the top therapy for skin and body.

Start these sensible ideas today. Also, think positive thoughts of success. This helps keep you fit and well, and good looking too.

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