Travelling is always an exciting adventure, but when you need to spend hours on a plane, bus or train, it can really make the journey less enjoyable. However, if you think of a way or two to pass time while going from one destination to another, your trip won’t be as daunting as you thought at first. Therefore, check out some of the interesting activities you can do while you’re travelling and cut your travelling time short, which will make the trip a true delight.


If you’re not one of those people who need complete silence to read, grab a book and get lost in the world of fiction. Whether it’s a comic book, a novel, a collection of poems or maybe a magazine, your time will go by in a blink of an eye, thanks to the written word. What’s more, if you’re travelling for more than a few hours, you can also use the time to catch up on your studying, or work on your research for a school paper.

Write a journal

Writing a journal can be highly therapeutic, and you’ll have something to go back to in the future, and reflect on some decisions you’ve made in the past. What’s more, writing down your impressions about the places you drive by, or the scenery you’re enjoying through the window of the train is a great way to cut the travelling time short and not even notice all those hours going by.

Play games

One of the most interesting ways to pass time while travelling is definitely by playing games. From all the exciting apps on your phone, through Sudoku, and crossword puzzles, the minute your mind is in the game, your time will start flying by. So, pack some good old games, and if you’re travelling in pair, don’t forget to bring cards because that’s when the real fun starts.


Not everyone can sleep on the road, but it’s actually one of the best ways to cut the time short while travelling. To make the ride even more comfortable, bring a small pillow and a blanket to keep you cosy and warm. This will also prevent your neck and shoulders from hurting, because the pillow will offer you nice support. However, if you’re travelling alone, try not to sleep during the entire trip, because you may get mugged.

Talk to other travellers

Some people prefer to talk rather than just play games, read or write. So, if you’re a talker, look for someone else who’s travelling alone and start a conversation. You never know how many interesting people you can meet on the road, and maybe even make new friends.

Listen to musicListen to music

Listening to your favourite tunes is by far one of the most relaxing ways to spend time while travelling. So, don’t forget to load up your playlist with your favourite songs and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Make sure you buy wireless headphones so you don’t have to worry about all the wires tangling up, and waste time on trying to untangle them. What’s more, if you put on some classical music, it can help you fall asleep, and cut the time on the road even shorter.


Travelling is really stressful, so you need every possible solution to staying calm. Meditative breathing is one of the best ways to do it, since it’s been shown to help people fall asleep, and feel more confident. Also, regular meditations will help you make rational decisions under pressure.

From reading and writing, through playing games and sleeping, to listening to music and meditating, you can cut your time on the road short in many ways. So, make sure you pick a few for your next trip, and the time will literally fly by.

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