7 Unusual Ways to Use Curtains in the Interior

Well-chosen curtains undoubtedly give a finished look to the room. But have you ever thought that with the help of the curtains you can decorate a room even more? This doesn’t mean that you should hang multilayer air or heavy fabric structures on the windows. Thin chiffon or dense tulle will become portable doors in the niche of the closet or will turn into a boudoir in the bedroom. In this article, we gathered seven unusual ways to use curtains in the interior.

1. Make a quiet corner

It can be a cozy comfortable reading corner or a bay window where you would like to drink your morning tea, retire, and think something over, write down a to-do list for the day in silence. If you always dreamed about creating your own office corner at home, you can also use curtains. Hang dark-colored curtains to “cut off” the world and create a piece of personal space just for yourself. This method of privacy is much simpler than a cardinal alteration with the separation of the room with walls and doors.

2. Rational use of curtains

Sometimes old curtains that early decorated your windows or the excess pieces of the material can serve as an exclusive tablecloth or cover on a chair or sofa (depending on the size of the fabric). If you want, but can’t find an interesting color, look at the curtains and use your creativity. This way you can even save on the cost of creating new decor.

3. Hide unnecessary 

Curtains are a pleasant and gentle way to hide any mess. You can use this idea in the kitchen, laundry room, or even in the workshop. Curtains that cover the messy corners are a great idea. They are incredibly easy to use and the price is quite pleasant. Mini-curtains duplicating curtains on windows will look especially good.

You can also hide the place where your pets sleep. How happy they are when they see us! We often want to do something nice for them and also show our little pets to our friends. You can put the remaining pieces of the curtains in an ordinary box and your puppy’s most unpretentious place will become more attractive and homely.

4. Eastern style is delicate

The luxurious four-poster beds that came to us from the distant 16th century were made of oak and decorated with a canopy of light airy silk. The boudoir, as it is called in the east, takes us with its appearance to the tales of Scheherazade.

For some people, these beds are associated with something magical. Using curtains creates something fancifully comfortable on a completely different level of style and design than the classic dome. Whether it’s your bedroom or the rooms of a little princess, such a solution is an interesting way to use curtains.

5. A curtain instead of a door

You may have a doorway or arch that is too wide. It can be quite difficult and expensive to find a door. Bit if you still want to close the space with something, you can hang the curtain to get rid of the problem of too much open space.

6. Curtains as a headboard

Another way to use curtains as home decor is to hang them behind the bed as a headboard. Most often, wooden structures occupy a lot of space. Curtains will not steal a great amount of space at all and will decorate your bedroom at the same time.

7. Curtains in the bathroom

Many of us get used to plastic curtains, which certainly protect against the ingress of large amounts of water on the floor. However, you can make this curtain more elegant and sew a piece of fabric with polyethylene. It will look beautiful, especially if you have a wooden floor in the bathroom.


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