7 Unique and Creative Baby Shower Decoration Tips

Hosting a baby shower for the mom-to-be is the most joyous moment in her life. It’s the mark of new beginnings of a life inside her. To make it everlasting order new baby gifts online and surprise the lady. With the latest trends, everyone has started celebrating the baby shower with a great amount of delight. Different themes and decor ideas come into existence making the day special for everyone especially the soon to be a momma. In this blog, we have come up with 7 unique and creative decoration tips. They are helpful, easy and inspirational enough to have a beautiful baby shower. Curious to know? Well, keep scrolling!

Baby Shower Decorations Tips:

1) Balloons

Be it any occasion, festival or special day, balloons have always brought a big smile to the face. Moreover, with their gorgeous looks, they win over everyone’s heart. You can use it for the decor by getting balloons of various colour combinations together. The online shops offer you a great range of baby shower balloons. For a Pinterest worthy look, you can have balloon arches at the entrance. Moreover, you can hang over the tables or create a bouquet with the help of balloons. Either way, there are ample ideas you can surf on internet for balloon decor.

2) Food as Décor

Food has always been a centre of attraction for many occasions. Same goes for baby shower have gorgeous cupcakes, doughnuts, sugar cookies or whatever you prefer. Considering how much delicious and striking they look, these are perfect for food decor. Also, if you aren’t serving the full meal then keep it simple and light. Few savoury items like Caprese and Greek salad, fresh seasonal fruits. For sweets, you can order cake online and have macaroons by the side. Ensure that the food is fresh and crispy snacks.

3) Floral

Any decor is incomplete without the majestic flowers. You don’t need to go to any florist and bring all the flower arrangements together. There are diverse flowers arrangements for the baby shower. All you need is to pick up a few flower bouquets from any shop. Once you are settled with the flower combination, you can mix some seasonal foliage, greens and colourful twigs. Keep it inside a vase and place it at attractive places. For instance, you can keep it on the food table, on a chair or anywhere you feel like.

4) Signage

Basically, signage’s are the signs written together to let the guests know where to head. Moreover, they are a great option for baby showers. These days there are a lot of templates available online. You can download it and get it in print. Or if you know someone who has excellent calligraphy skills then it’s perfect for the signage.

5) Backdrops

To click pictures during a baby shower with mom-to-be is mandatory. Because they are going to become a memory. Hence, an ideal way to create a brilliant display for pictures is to have backdrops. There are many online craft tutorials to help you out. We would also suggest you have a simple yet elegant bed sheet hanged. On the sides, it should be paired with balloons, flowers or even ribbons.

6) Balloon Cupcakes

When it comes to decoration ideas, centrepieces are everyone’s favourite. One such of them happens to be balloon cupcakes. If you are confused about what exactly it is, then let us; clear your doubt. In general, a balloon is adhering with ribbons on both sides of the cupcake wrapper. This turns out to be super adorable when placed on the table.

7) Hot air balloon

For an inexpensive table decor and theme based here’s your cue to have hot air balloon themed baby shower. These come in various colour combinations for the budget-friendly way that will make your baby shower look absolutely stunning. Multiple fabric options are available according to the table along with the hot air balloon. With the help of a balloon delivery pre-orders them and will rightly be knocking at your door.


The sky is the limit when it comes to creative decoration ideas and tips for a baby shower. Plenty of tips are accessible online that you can give a try making the moment, please. The aforementioned blog is written all for you. So, go ahead and spread the festive vibes with baby shower celebration you should also visit 10minuteideas to get more ideas.

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