Mehndi Laga ke Rakhna, Doli Saja Ke Rakhna…..remember the peppy Bollywood song from the Shahrukh Khan and Kajol  starrer blockbuster hit Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.The popular song from the late 90’s revolved around a mehndi ceremony. Mehndi is one the essential attribute of the solah shringar which stand for the six ornaments of beautification. The solah shringar stand for the sixteen steps of beautification which adorn a woman. Mehndi ceremony is considered as one of the most important ritual of an Indian wedding. An Indian bride without mehndi on her hands and feet is deemed to be incomplete.

Owning to the importance of mehndi in an Indian wedding the wedding market offers several mehndi designs and mehndi artist.Traditional full hand mehndi have become a talk of the past. With minimalism gaining popularity this wedding season, minimalist and offbeat quirky mehndi designs have become trend of the modern times. Are you gearing up to be a swoon worthy bride? Getting married in the city of joy? You must have then booked the top mehndi artist in Chandigarh. Are you tired of the traditional mehndi designs? Looking for uniqueness? Here are some of the trending mehndi design collections for 2019. Check em’ out brides.

  1. Glove Design

A unique mehndi design that works for not just the bride but also her bridesmaid and guests. The quirky minimalist glove mehndi design is famous for adding elegance to the wearer’s overall look. The glove design gives the hand a covered and detailed look. The Glove mehndi design comprises of motifs that are woven together in a manner to create a delicate design pattern.

  1. Finger Tips Mehndi Design

While every bride opts for a full hand mehndi stand apart from the league as you opt for a finger tip mehndi design. Let your fingers do the talking while you adorn your hands with the pretty bangles and bracelet. The finger tip mehndi design can be both simple and intricate. The interesting patterns of the finger tip mehndi design work well with western and indo-western outfits and are suitable for engagement and reception.

  1. Ornament Mehndi Design

For those brides seeking for a simple and sober bridal mehndi design can opt for ornament mehndi patter. The simple and light designs of this pattern gives the resemblance to that of a hand ornament.The ornament mehndi design eradicates the need of wearing the heavy hand jewellery thus enabling easy movement of the hand.

  1. Wrist Mehndi Design

Also known as the bangle mehndi design. The wrist mehndi design originated in the Middle East and is quite popular amongst the young girls.The wrist mehndi design are available in both traditional and contemporary patterns. Some of wrist mehndi design gives the resemblance to that of a hand cuff. The wrist mehndi design is suited for enagements and reception.

  1. Arabic Design

Finding its origin in the Gulf countries the Arabic mehndi is a contemporary mehndi design. Arabic mehndi differs from Indian mehndi designs as it sports cashew nuts patterns. Leafs, curves and dots are the key motifs of Arabic mehndi design. The Arabic mehndi designs are detailed, have spaces, sometimes even resemble architectural patterns. Common Arabic designs that are known for their exquisiteness and beauty feature intricate floral, peacock, veils, swirls and geometric patterns.

  1. Color Stones Mehndi

Give the traditional mehndi design a twist with the addition of color stones. The addition of color stones makes the mehndi to look pretty and stylish. The incorporation of the sober and colorful stones makes the mehndi attractive and eye catching. Enhance the look and beauty of the mehndi with the incorporation of a little glitter to it.

  1. Peacock Design

Peacock mehndi design owning to its beautiful feminine look never goes out of fashion. Peacock mehndi popular design that offers a pretty look. The peacock mehndi design comprises of floral patterns, common motifs and a peacock. The peacock design goes well with traditional outfits.

Which mehndi design are you selecting to flaunt on your D-day? Tell us about your choice in the comments below.

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