Every year exciting new trends in kitchen design emerge and 2020 is no exception! For many of us the kitchen is the beating heart of the home. It’s where we start the day with coffee and breakfast, where we share family meals, and sometimes where we go to relax.

Because the kitchen is so important in our everyday life, most of us want our kitchens to be as nice a place to spend time in as possible. If you are considering redesigning your kitchen, you may be unaware of some of the more recent design trends. In this guide, we have listed seven of the most popular kitchen design trends of 2020 to give you some ideas!

Double Islands

Kitchen islands have been popular for many years now. Islands enable you to divide the meal preparation and serving areas, and provide an extra surface to serve up on. Some kitchen islands can also double as a breakfast bar.

What’s better than a kitchen island? Two kitchen islands, of course! If you have the space available, adding an extra island can make your kitchen even more functional and stylish.

Floating Islands

Floating, or gravity-defying, islands are a unique design where only one side of the island is attached to another surface, much like a floating shelf! Floating islands have all the functionality of a normal kitchen island and also add to the sense of space in the kitchen. A floating island can also double as a table to eat meals on.

Steel Hoods

Traditionally, kitchen hoods have been made of either stainless steel or wood. However, recently more and more people have been having non-stainless-steel hoods fitted. This can create a look that is utilitarian and modern! Different materials have different pros and cons, and companies like Nonpareil Solutions can help you to choose what is best for your kitchen needs.

Bold Colors

For a while, kitchen design has trended towards sleek monochrome color palettes. Think black granite worktops and white cupboards, or different shades of slate grey. In 2020, color is coming back in, with splashes of bright, bold shades appearing on tiles, appliances, hoods, and backsplashes.

Natural Wood Countertops

With countertops traditionally being made from materials like marble or granite, natural wood had been overlooked for a while. This year natural wood is back, with earth tones and woods such as walnut becoming increasingly popular for kitchen countertops!

Matching Backsplash and Countertops

Using the same material and color for the backsplash and the countertops can create a cohesive and matching look across the kitchen. Whether you opt for something traditional or something a little leftfield is up to you!

Warmer Finishes

Matching the comeback of natural wood, this year warm-toned finishes are in. While modern monochrome has become a design classic, 2020 has seen the resurgence of the more natural, rustic look.

There are many ways that you can design your kitchen. Ultimately, what you like most and what makes you enjoy spending time in the kitchen is what’s best for you, regardless of any trends!

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