7 Tips to Look Beautiful on Your Wedding Pictures: Brides

If you are getting married soon, it is the question which is causing you sleepless nights. Because one of your wedding goals is to look at the most beautiful women on your wedding day. Moreover, looking beautiful on your wedding day will also ensure that you will have a wedding album that you will love for years to come.

When you and your better half will grow old together, all you will have are those memories, emotions, candids captured by your wedding photographer and videographer.

So if you want to be photographed from every possible angle yet look the prettiest women of the planet, you will need to learn the art of looking good in photographs.

1. Choosing Your Photographer

It may be overlooked sometimes, but choosing your photographer is one of the primary requirements of looking beautiful in your photographs. You will spend most of your time with your photographer on your wedding day.

You will not feel comfortable with everyone. That is why it is important that you choose a photographer who understands you and makes you feel comfortable and expressive in front of the camera. So meet your photographer at least once before your wedding day. It is also a wise move if you can run a pre-wedding photo session with your photographer. Vendors such as Gasparian Foto can arrange a pre-wedding photo shoot for their clients. That way you will know if you can be yourself when you are with your photographer.

2. Makeup, Hair, and Dress

Remember that your makeup needs to be heavier on your wedding day to make you look gorgeous, flawless as well as to protect you from harsh natural lights. Moreover, big eyelashes or defined eyebrows will make you look better in front of a camera. It is a good idea to have your bridesmaid on standby for quick makeups and hair.

Furthermore, your hair and dress can have a great impact on your pictures. So choose your hairstyle and dress that suits you and allows you to remain comfortable at the same time. You can also consider wearing a long vail that can be incorporated in numerous ways during couple sessions and bridal portraits.

3. Choose Your Photography Locations

Prior to your wedding, you should scout your photography locations. It is a good idea to click some pictures of your desired locations on your pre-wedding venue visits.

Moreover, it will also enable your photographer to choose the best locations for your wedding photography.

4. Create Your Moodboard

Usually, Photographers tries to understand your personalities, preferences, and relationships before demonstrating you in your photographs. That is why it is important to create a mood board on a website or app like Pinterest. You can save images that you like and enable a photographer to understand your requirements. It is also a great way to communicate visually to express what kind of pictures you like most.

5. Practice Your Poses

Posing is an important part of getting amazing photographs. If you haven’t practiced a pose earlier, you will look uneasy and confused in front of the camera. This will result in bizarre pictures that you did not even want. That is why it is important to plan and practice your poses in front of a mirror as many times as possible before your wedding day.

Moreover, an additional benefit of practicing your pose is that you will also learn on which angle you will look best. It will allow you to be confident and look happy in your pictures.

6. Plan Your Photography Sessions

Wedding photography consists of many photography sessions. Though it is always nice to have some great candid pictures, it is essential to have a plan for each of your photography sessions from a great entry to a grand exit. Try to have a specific plan for each of your photography sessions such as including toss items sometimes to bring genuine smiles and great excitement on your guest’s faces.

You can include first look session when you will meet with the groom, a couple of session during the best lighting of the day(probably just before sunset), friends and family sessions, the ballroom photo session(this is when you are most relaxed and you don’t have to worry about any guests), sneak away session(a surprise, romantic session), and a grand exit session to make your wedding photography a complete one!

7. Always Smile

Smiling always makes you look pretty no matter how you usually look. So try to keep a genuine smile on your face on your wedding day.

To conclude, following the above tips will help you to look beautiful on your wedding pictures.

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