7 Things That Couples Do on Their Wedding Day

Wedding day is often called the happiest day, but more often it is one of the most difficult days in the life of the bride. Only after the celebration, you realize that the choice of location, guest list or bridal suite at the hotel was dictated by traditions and stereotypes, and not by your desire and common sense. Fortunately, those who have not yet married can learn from the mistakes of others. We’ll tell you what couples often regret after their wedding day.

Seven Common Wedding Day Regrets

1. Inviting people who you don’t want to see

We are convinced that the wedding should remain an event for close people, and not for all friends and distant relatives. To invite someone only due to politeness is absolutely meaningless. As a result, you won’t interact with this person, they are unlikely to bring a good gift and at the same time, their presence costs you money.

2. Doing complex hairstyles

Extensive hair, fluffy lacing, tons of lacquer – these traditions of wedding hairstyle are still followed by many brides. Few feel comfortable with a flower bed on their heads. Even less so when you have to spend the whole day with it. 

The wedding dress, bouquet and the fact that you are the central figure at this celebration will make you beautiful enough. Choose a concise, well-fixed, comfortable hairstyle, and you will look perfect even at the end of the evening.

3. Not preparing a speech

The wedding speech of the newlyweds is a good tradition. Just don’t rely on your eloquence. Even if everything is all right with it, you will get tired, get excited and say something like “thank you all, everyone is free”.

Make your wedding speech a special moment at your celebration. Let it be a little ridiculous – to make it memorable, a little touching – so that the female half of the guests cry out, and very sincere. To do this, you need to think in advance about what you want to say and who is definitely worth mentioning.

4. Not going on a honeymoon

To celebrate the wedding on the weekend, and return to the office on Monday is not the best idea. You will be brutally tired, and you simply will not have time to enjoy the new status of your relationship. Take at least a mini-vacation to get some rest before the celebration and after it.

5. Organize a wedding in the open air and in the heat

Prolonged heat – a guarantee that the weather is unlikely to deteriorate, which means you do not have to stock up on umbrellas and blankets. But to spend the whole day outside under the scorching sun with make-up and in dresses is a cruel test. Even the best wedding videographer in NY will not be able to choose the right angle for a good video. When it’s 90 °F plus degrees outside, only a venue with air conditioning will save you. 

6. Allowing other people to make important decisions

Remember that in choosing the menu, decor and host for the wedding should not even be relied on your own mother. Either find the strength to control all the important factors of the celebration, or relax and do not expect anything from this evening (this is rarely possible). 

The opposite error is not being able to delegate. If you, like many brides, take care of every little thing alone, you will go crazy and turn the best day of your life into a nightmare.

7. Not leaving yourself time to enjoy the wedding celebration

In pursuit of the perfect wedding, newlyweds often forget that this is their holiday and they too can and should enjoy it. Try not to create a very complicated scenario, where you have to jump every 10 minutes to participate in the next ritual. Let yourself enjoy a delicious meal, laugh and relax a little.

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