7 Sugar-Free Desserts For A Healthy Lifestyle

Never feel guilty with these sugar-free desserts which are not only good enough to keep you healthy but also quench your cravings for desserts. If you are conscious regarding the intake of sugar or your health does not allow you to intake the sugar, then it is the best way to satiate your sweet tooth. Just at the thought of ingesting delicacies such as a luscious bowl of Kheer, a mind-shattering cheesecake, or delectable chocolate pudding, you cannot resist yourself, right? Happens with me all the time. So, for sugar maniac people, you can order cakes online if you want a quick sugar craving, and make a way for your desserts cravings. However, those who cannot afford to intake unchecked amount of sugar (the way we sugar maniac do), can always consider sugar free desserts as their last resort. Moreover, in that search, you have fortunately landed on the correct platform. Here you will get the solution for your trouble. 

It is an indisputable statement that claims that desserts cannot be resisted at first sight. However, if you are planning to cut on your sugar intake habit, or have been diagnosed with diabetes, or looking forward to getting that summer body shape, then sugar is your biggest enemy. I know that sounds painful, but it is the bitter truth that you have to swallow. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you have to be deprived of the desserts that you sheerly deserve. Letting go off all the sweets is no solution to your trouble. Extreme deprivation of sweets tends to get a frustrating task. Hence, balance is key. Let’s talk about some sugar-free desserts that will balance your diet to a healthy one for sure. 

1. Fig Mousse: 

Cooked with accompaniments like cinnamon, milk, and china grass, this dessert is the one-stop solution if you are looking for a sugar-free dessert. This delicacy has a strong ever-lasting sweet taste that keeps rejuvenating in your mouth.

2. Phirni:  

We all familiar and even have drooled over this mind-shattering delicacy. It is a creamy rice pudding with a richness of cardamom, milk, and almonds. The flavor of rose essence and pistachio is nothing less than an incentive since they turn this delicacy into two in one flavor dessert. This classic Indian dessert is the perfect choice for any occasion. 

3. Prune and Mocha Cheesecake: 

A decadent cheesecake is all a person with sweet tooth ever prays for. There are no time or place conditions to have this holy dessert. Additionally, when it contains prunes, coffee, and is absolutely sugar-free, then I don’t find a reason not drooling over this delicacy. This creamy and moist dessert is the top-notch solution for your sugar craving since it comes with the natural sweetness of prunes. The bitter-sweet coffee flavor makes this dessert an extraordinary one. So, those who can even jump off a building for this delicacy can get the leverage of midnight cake delivery and bless your late-night sugar cravings. 

4. Grilled Almond Barfi: 

This delicacy is as delicious as its name. A 3 ingredient barfi that takes just 30 minutes to get prepared is considered as one of the best resorts for a sugar-free festive treat. Nothing can beat this homemade barfi that is clubbed with a sugar alternative, grated khoya, and crushed and roasted almonds.

5. Sugar-Free Rice Pudding: 

Who does not love a refreshing pineapple twist in rice pudding? With the goodness of cinnamon, lemongrass, cardamom, and lime leaves when cooked with rice, gives the natural sweetness of milk and also when served with pineapple compote, adds to the sweetness of the dessert. 

6. Chocolate and Coconut Mousse: 

This delicacy comes with the richness of coconut milk and ganache of chocolate when combined with chocolate and coconut mousse along with freshly prepared whipped cream. When you are hunting after a dessert that does not disturb your sugar level intake yet gives the proper satisfaction to your sugar cravings, it is the chocolate and coconut mousse, you should look for. 

7. Khass Malpoi: 

A crazy blend of traditional rabri, crepe, and halwa, makes this delicacy the heartthrob of all the people with a sweet tooth. This dessert is a mouth-watering carrot halwa stuffed with crepes which are prepared using aniseed, mawa, milk, flour, and cardamom. When served, this delicacy is decorated with the divine rabri clubbed with almonds and pistas. This delicacy is one of those traditional Indian desserts that are irreplaceable and have no substitute for them. 

So, while the thought of going off sugar completely gives you a terror to the extreme, these sugar-free desserts have come to your rescue. They have the full capacity for fulfilling your every sugar cravings. So, if you can’t opt for an online cake order, then you can definitely satisfy yourself with these sugar-free delicacies anytime. 

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