7 Stunning Jamdani Sarees You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

As a part of Indian cultural heritage, Jamdani sarees offer a perfect blend of exquisite weaving and feather-light, gossamer fabrics. The unique floral motifs enhanced by broad borders make traditional Jamdani a must-have for every wardrobe.

The six-yard long strip of fabric enhanced with gold, silver or coloured threads make a stunning part of bridal trousseau in several Indian regions.

If you buy a handwoven Jamdani saree online, you can feel the gorgeousness and delicate weaving on your skin, and you’ll have endless options.

Here are some irresistible designs of Jamdani sarees that you must stock up in your wardrobe.

Red Jamdani with Gold Motifs

The solid red Jamdani sarees with rich motifs are ideal for special occasions and weddings. You can buy handwoven linen saree with intricate zari work for the upcoming festival season. The stiffness and soft texture of linen make it comfortable and crisp.

Choose a design featuring a beautiful gold border and tassels on the pallu’s hem. You can wear this saree with a matching red blouse or go offbeat with a golden designer blouse having zari sleeves. For more conventional looks, you can buy a red Jamdani with temple border and floral motifs on the pallu.

White Jamdani with Multicoloured Weaving

White is the original colour of Jamdani sarees, but they have evolved a lot since the latest trends. Today, you can buy a Jamdani saree in white with multicoloured patterns and designs.

The options range from linen whites with pastel motifs to white sarees with printed patterns and traditional red thread work. Prefer broad borders and intricate pallus that make your saree ready for pandal hopping this Durga Puja.

Matka Muslin with Jamdani

The handloom craft and soft texture are the distinguishing features to check when buying a Jamdani saree online. And if you love silk, there are Matka muslin sarees with Jamdani weaving to bowl you over.

You can choose the traditional Matka designs with Barfi Pallu and tiny motifs or go designer with handwoven plain pallu and all-over designs. For colors, you have options like pink and turquoise, black and turquoise, green with grey temple border, pale pink, purple and black, etc.

Black Jamdani with Resham Work

With leading designers transforming the style of traditional weaves of India, Jamdani sarees are also breaking the traditions and evolving into vibrant colours and unconventional designs. Black isn’t the traditional choice, but it looks pretty with colourful resham zari weaving.

You can pair this saree with a silver or gold blouse and accessorise with dangling earrings for a stunning look. Another option in black is to choose black weaving on black thread. This design gives you an open canvas to try varied designer blouses and statement jewellery for a glamorous touch.

Soft Cotton Dhakai Jamdani

A typical Dhakai Jamdani is a sight to behold. The sarees look elegant and classy in their soft textures and traditional motifs. Dhaka is the manufacturing cluster for Jamdanis, and you can still find the pity looms weaving Persian patterns in the city. The sarees take nine to 12 months for completion due to the intricate interlacing of standard and supplementary wefts in their weaving.

The pure and authentic Jamdani sarees from Dhaka are characterised by their grey base colour, red borders, and golden motifs. The shimmering fabric and pallus interspersed with floral motifs look elegant for any occasion. You can match it with a golden blouse and ditch necklace to sport statement earrings with it.

Jamdani and Banarasi

Banarasi and Jamdani weavings date back to several centuries. Both these forms originated and flourished during the Mughal era due to Persian influences. Hence, blend them is the perfect homage to traditional weavers working for generations to preserve such coveted crafts.

If you’re going to buy a Jamdani saree online, go for one with a brocade design to acknowledge this merger. Silk Jamdani sarees brocaded with cotton and enhanced by zari threads look rich.

Since Banarasi saree focuses on gold, silver, and zari threads for brocades and motifs, modern Jamdanis take it notches higher with gold threads creating geometric patterns and colourful floral motifs.

Silk Linen with Gold Zari

Jamdani weaving with linen fabric and gold zari is another trend you can’t miss. With traditional geometric patterns and simple broad borders, these sarees will enhance your wardrobe for any occasion. Instead of choosing red, black, or white, you can select unconventional shades like brown, orange, peach, and purple in these sarees.

With festival season down the road, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe, and what’s better than a stunning Jamdani saree? So, pick one or all of these designs and glam up your festivities with a traditional touch.

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