7 Steps of How to Dry Your Curly Hair

Now a day’s everybody loves to styles in every part of life. But many of us don’t know the right way to style. Many of us lost their natural beauty because of using wrong beauty product and methods. So we should know all about tips and tricks to take care of our beauty. In this part, we will learn about hair care/ How to Dry Your Curly Hair with a hairdryer.

Most of the people think that drying hair is a simple task.You hop out of the shower, rub your hair with a towel and you’re good to go. Except for some kind of women, if you’re like most women, your hair probably looks like a frizzy mess once it’s completely dry. It doesn’t have to be the best way, though. But drying hair incorrectly you can make your hair frizzy, limp or tangled.  There is much kind of hair types like long hair, curly hair, frizzy hair, natural hair, etc. Different kinds of hair need special care.

Today’s busy world every woman wants to ready very quickly. Especially if you have to get out early. But dry hair is very time-consuming work. So how can you make the process easier and quicker? We’ve got easy tips to help you spend less time drying and more time enjoying that perfect blowout. Now we describe How to dry your Curly Hair.

So let’s go.

1.Gather your things Together: Curly hair is different from other kinds of hair for that it requires to take care especially. So if you have that kind of hair you need to collect those elements to dry your hair. Here is that you will need:

  1. Hair dryer
  2. Diffuser attachment
  3. Wide-toothed comb
  4. Leave- in conditioner
  5. Gel
  6. Hair serum or oil.

2.Comb your hair with a comb to get rid of any kind of tangles: Start combing your hair from the end of your hair it is better to use a wide-toothed comb.

3.Apply some leave-in conditioner to your hair: You will need to do that when your hair is soaking wet. But you have to bear in mind don’t crinkle your hair.

4.Consider applying some styling gel: use your fingers to bring out the gel from a pack. At first, take some gel in your two palms and spread the gel in your hair very gently. When you use gel you start from the roots and finish when you are hair tip.

5.Attach a diffuser to the first part of your hair dryer: The diffuser will help you distribute the heat and keep your hair from getting too frizzy. Because of overheat damages hair. you can find here


6.Start drying your hair: always drying hair from roots. When you choose or buy a hair dryer you should mind so that it has speed setting. When drying hair, use the medium speed. It is better if you drying end of your hair with very low speed.


7.Give some serum or oil in your hair: After completing your hair drying you can use some oil or serum. Start using serum or oil in your hair from the hairline.

2 important points

#if you used gel you need to comb your hair because of it too clumpy.

#if you want to make your hair appear fuller you need massage gently with your fingers in your scalp.

Here we described all about how to dry your curly hair correctly. Now it’s time to make your hair more healthy and natural.

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