A comfortable armchair pushed against the wall, with huge windows allowing air and sunlight to flit in and out…

Oh! The calmness and serenity are priceless.

We all crave that one corner, one perfect corner in our homes that takes away all of our stress.

Stress should be going out of the window

You can easily break down if you feel life is too chaotic and giving you a hard time. With all the stress at work and other pressures of life, we often feel as though mental peace is just not written in our destiny.

If you want to feel calm on the inside, you have to first work on the outside by creating peace there, and then you can internalize i

So, how can you do that?

If not someplace else, your home should always be a place where you can let go of your worries and feel relaxed. Your home needs to be stress-free so that you feel comfortable and calm after a long day full of stress and strain. We all know that even running a house can be so overwhelming and stressful, and that is another reason why you need to turn your home into a serene sanctuary.

Build your heaven in your home

Building a tranquil sanctuary is a necessary step in leading a calmer lifestyle. The design of your home can help you a lot in difficult times. However, before you begin to get that comfort out of your home, there is quite some effort you need to put in.

When you’re designing your home to be a peaceful sanctuary, you have to consider many things, such as the colors and even the texture of the furniture.

In this blog, we have all the tips that can help you make your home more serene and peaceful.

Work with different kinds of lighting

A room which is well-lighted seems very inviting. (No, we don’t mean lights that blind you!)

While natural light has its benefits, you should consider different sources of lighting too. It may include task, ambient, or natural lighting. You can utilize sconces, floor lamps, and desk lamps, or pendants in the dark areas of your home.

During the daytime, natural light is the best lighting to be taken advantage of. You can just throw back the blinds and enjoy the sunlight. But in the evening, with the absence of the sun, make use of bulbs that give a warm and gentle glow.

Choose colors that can calm you down

Have you ever heard of the psychology of colors?

If you haven’t, let us tell you.

It simply means that colors affect you more than you think. So, to help build a stress-free sanctuary, you need to have stress-free walls too. It means that the paint should be able to bring a bit of peace. While brighter colors can energize you, they can even make you a little anxious.

Blue is one of the colors that can calm your mind. It is the most soothing out of all. We subconsciously look at blue when we are feeling stressed out. We either look up to the sky or take a trip to the beach to look at the water to have some quiet.

blue decorating

You must choose a soft, neutral shade as bright colors can turn out to be stimulating. Apart from blue, lighter shades of purple can also help you achieve tranquility at your home.

purple decorating

Add some refreshing scents to your home

Refreshing scents

Hmm, where is that sweet smell coming from?

A pleasant aroma can instantly make you feel relaxed. Now, why are your scented candles kept hidden in your closet? Take them out!

Take them out and burn them when you feel life is too stressful. Not only that, but you can also keep fresh flowers in the rooms you use the most. That will surely give you a refreshing feel.

If you are not a fan of candles, you can try using an essential oil diffuser to feel soothed.

Make your rooms cozy and comfortable

In case of a tranquil home, you need to add a bit of comfort to it. That means redecorating your home. You can start by bringing in some new furniture.

Trust us; there is nothing more calm-inducing than falling on your comfy bed after a stressful day or sitting on a couch to get over your dreadful day at work.

So, you need to add furniture to your home that is cozy and comfortable and relaxes you every time you sit or lie on it.

However, choosing the right furniture is not as simple as it sounds. (Ever heard of ergonomics?)

The ideal furniture is the one that doesn’t put stress on your muscles. It means that the chair should be of a certain height to match the height or the table, or the mattress of the bed should be such that it gives perfect comfort to your backbone.

Now, it all may seem a lot but worry not. We have a way out. Most furniture stores now have experts who recommend the perfect furniture that fits your house. So, all you need is to look up for the best furniture store in your area which also offers consultation to choose the right furniture.

For example, if you live in West Warwick, RI, you can simply Google furniture stores West Warwick” and the results will give you the list of best dealers in your area who also offer consultation and expert advice.

Trust us; you will get better sleep once you have a mattress that feels like heaven and sheets that are soft.

Make an area your comfort zone

We all have that one armchair, that envelopes us lovingly, isn’t it?

It does not mean that you have to set a room aside for your comfort zone. It can be just a little space where relaxing is the main function. Since relaxing is different for everyone, you can tailor the spot to your preference for a relaxing activity.

Whether it is reading, writing, meditating, or listening to music, a spot in your home should be designated for it.

Wash the stress away


Ah, the solitude in the tub!

Your bathroom can be used for pampering needs too. You can experience being in a spa by just getting some fluffy towels and a few candles. Enjoy those moments of solitude by grabbing your favorite book, putting on some soothing music, and dimming the lights. That bath will surely soak up your stress.

Add a fireplace for warmth

Fireplace in home

There is no better way to add some warmth to your home than by adding actual warmth. A fireplace is one way to do it. However, it does not have to be lit all the time to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The entire hearth has a relaxing appeal. You can decorate the walls and floor around it to make it cozier.

Let the outdoors in


Plants can refresh the ambiance of your home, as both flowers and plants have the natural power of creating a calm atmosphere. You can easily make your home feel like a sanctuary by using these plants.

However, make sure you keep them healthy. Dying plants don’t offer comfort. (duh!)

Final word

With these simple ideas, your house can be turned into a stress-free sanctuary. Now, staying at home won’t feel like another stressful thing to do. Once you have a home that gives you peace, we guarantee you will never feel stressed looking at your surroundings.



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