7 Social Media Predictions in 2019

The social media landscape is evolving every day. The rules have changed as the social networking giant Facebook has tried to shift the focus from ad-based marketing to the content based marketing. The audience is segmented, while new social media platforms are trying to carve a niche for themselves. To cope up with the changing times, marketers are approaching new techniques to the evergreen social media marketing services. Here is a list of predictions that social media marketers need to adapt to the changing times.


Social Media Predictions in 2019- Social Media..
1. Focus on original content for Social Media Marketing Services

The rules of social media marketing services have changed. Facebook’s approach to shifting the focus from content-driven marketing away from the ad-based marketing has worked well. An increasing number of brands are using storytelling methods to spread their word and drive traffic to their websites.
On the other hand, platforms like Youtube are increasingly focusing on ways to bring more original creators to their platform. And this has worked out well for them too. More and more people are working on their Youtube channels rigorously and are making a good amount from the platform.

2. Podcasts are the next stop

An increasing number of people are turning to the podcasts. The music streaming companies have already integrated with the podcast on their platform. With more and more number of people switching to podcasts, the traditional services are about to die. Podcasts no doubt are a part of content marketing, but the increasing stress by marketers and companies alike to focus on the platform as a part of their social media marketing services is huge. The range of topics covers personal finance to stories, and the number of visitors is rising every day.

3. Focus on new social media platforms and augmented reality

There is an increasing trend in social media platforms. The millennials are moving out of Facebook and are trying alternates like Tic Tok and many more. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn are still in demand, though. The newer platforms are focusing more and more on either content creation or content sharing. This keeps the youths engaging and helps them to bring out their inner artist with no cost at all, making them popular among all social media websites.

4. Rise of AI-based chatbots on social media platforms

The chatbots were first introduced in the websites to help people navigate the pages or attend basic queries. But the social media giant is experimenting a lot with the chatbots. The company wants to use its bots on both of its major platforms – WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. Facebook is utilizing the bots to help them get things like news and jokes to its audience. On the other hand, the bots in WhatsApp are being used in the business version of it to help businesses to streamline the customer experience with a pre-determined response. This has ensured a great change in the world of social media marketing services.

5. The influencers will matter

As stressed upon, the content is driving the world. Paid advertisements are expensive and require teams to carry out the task. The content creators are at the helm of it. The influencers are often used by the companies to spread their words artistically. Content creators have worked for years to build a huge segment of the audience that follows them with all heart.
These creators now enjoy the best offers that help them to expand in other domains too. With this, one can easily say that the influencers are at the center of social media marketing services. The social media channels, along with the right social media strategies, can help companies to reach a wide range of audience with meager expenses.

6. Instagram will surpass Facebook

Social media advertisement has become expensive. But that’s another factor. The millennial are gradually moving towards the more advanced social media channels like Instagram. Instagram is a better version of traditional social media websites. These channels help people fall in love with the unique items and build a far better audience who have better tastes for fashion and icons.
The street style does not simply work here. Hence more and more companies are either promoting their brands either through sponsorship or through their channels. This makes Instagram the most memorable platform among all marketing experts and a great spot for social media marketing services.

7. Twitter will get an edit button finally

Social media platforms and social media predictions are not easy to get. Every once in while the trend shift and the marketers need to adopt modern methodologies to keep them moving fast in the ever-evolving platforms. One such platform that has been here for years is Twitter. The social media website is a huge user base and has a completely different audience altogether. One of the things that have caused problems a lot is the edit button. But in 2019, the thing is about to change, and the platform is finally getting an edit button to it.

With the evolving social media networks, social media marketing services need to evolve too. The companies are trying to segment their audience very clearly and are making their best bets to get as much as customers possible.

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