7 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss a Vacation to the Caribbean

If you’re looking for the destination for your next sailing vacation or even if you’re a starter and you’re looking forward to the first one, exploring the Caribbean waters is a great way to begin. The Caribbean will provide you with an all-in-one package and could give you the best vacation f 2019, making sailing vacations a permanent for you and your family.

Here’s a list of fourteen reasons you cannot miss out the Caribbean waters among the most popular places to cruise, if you’re set to sail.

Beaches of the Caribbean:

Beaches of the Caribbean:

Caribbean is popular for its relaxing and mesmerizing beaches. Whether it’s a surf session you’re looking forward to, sand castling time with the kids or even just to relax Caribbean beaches can give you anything you desire.

The beaches themselves can be a mixture of entirely secluded and peaceful ones away from the usual crowd or jam packed beaches with tourists from all parts of the world. You can choose your preference while you enjoy a hustle-free afternoon under the sun.

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Desirable Weather:


Desirable Weather

Whether you’re someone who lives in an area with extreme cold or one where you’re roasting, the Caribbean is the ideal place to set sail for to escape both extremes. Caribbean’s weather is generally set in between 24 to 29 degree Celsius with not a lot of humidity and predictable rainfall alongside ultimately making it one of the most pleasant weathered places in the world. The ideal time of the year to keep an eye on Caribbean sailing vacations is between the months of December and April.

Clean Water and Wildlife at its Best:

Clean Water and Wildlife at its Best

Caribbean waters are currently known as one of cleanest and clearest waters. This is due to the absence of an excessive industrial sector and waste, which is one of the greatest contributions to polluting water anywhere in the world.

An additional benefit is that if you’re someone who has always watched wildlife in aqua museums from behind shields of glass, this is your chance to experience it to the fullest right before your eyes.

20 Countries to Be Explored:

20 Countries to Be Explored:

Caribbean is the heart of a culture of twenty different countries. On one hand where you’ve to travel far and wide to experience diversity in cultures, the Caribbeanallows all of this in an area of 2.7 million kilometer square that including the sea, islands and surrounding coasts.

For the best vacation destination of 2019, Caribbean allows you to experience multiple cultures where each island has a differing culture in terms of language, food, even currency for that matter.

If you’ve lived till date without visiting the Caribbean even once and you’re one for being an explorer, you’re missing out an adventure of a lifetime and really, sailing the Caribbean is the best possible way to leave your stressful life behind and go on a vacation. To sail in luxury and make the most of this opportunity, get you booked for sailing the Caribbean this year with our professionals at Zunzun sailing.

A History Like No Other:

The history of the Caribbean waters has existed long before the founding of America. Caribbean has played a majorly significant role in history. Firstly, in the fifteenth century when the struggle of European power initiated resulting in the Spanish overtaking Caribbean.

However, the twentieth century came as elimination for the Hispanic from the Caribbean and the Caribbean becoming a part of the United States. Hence, for history fanatics, the rich culture and history might be an attractive aspect of the Caribbean.

Easy Access:

While it may sound like a chore, getting to the Caribbean waters has never been easier. If you didn’t know this, airplanes do go to various islands in the Caribbean and the airfare for this process is significantly cheaper than people would likely think it to be.

It’s not even a long hectic and endless journey. Barely nonstop four hours of travel and you can reach the Caribbean from major cities in the USA such as Houston, New York, Boston etc. get access to the best vacation destinations easier than you expected.

Seafood to the Excellence:

The quality and variety of seafood that you can find in this region is like no other. You can’t even begin to compare the seafood of your hometown to this Excellency.

Since the seafood is in abundance and the population isn’t on a rising peak and is relatively very low, you get the best seafood at the best prices.  Same goes for alcohol, Caribbean is glorified for its quality rum to an extent that even tourists come to have a taste of it.

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