All women hate wrinkles. Seeing the slightest hint of creases near the eyes or near the lips, a hysteria begins and we start to search for ways to stop this as it automatically makes the skin less attractive and devalues all previous beauty achievements. But what do you really know about wrinkles? Let’s discuss the most popular myths about this “trouble”:

1. Genetics

We get a lot of genetics passed down from our mom and grandmother, including our appearance and skin type. But the fact that your cousins got old early does not mean that the same thing awaits you. Now we have more opportunities to save the youth which previous generations didn’t have. We are much luckier. Be sure to remember that the main enemy of smooth skin is ultraviolet radiation.

2. Oily Skin Ages Slowly

The logic is clear as oily skin is usually thicker which should help minimize the later formation of wrinkles. But there is no connection between the activity of the sebaceous glands and the state of collagen and elastin fibers that keeps the skin smooth

The inflammation which is characteristic of oily skin needs to be treated, the enlarged pores should be narrowed but all other procedures are the same as for dry skin. It should be moisturized and nourished to delay the appearance of wrinkles.

3. Start Fighting Aging from Youth

It is no coincidence that all major brands indicate the age for which a specific care product is intended. If a twenty-year-old begins to smear potent products made for forty-year-olds on their faces, they risk achieving the opposite effect. 

Each age needs its own vitamins, nutrients, and it takes years of serious research in laboratories to deduce the optimal formula. You can trust these people, so just read the label.

4. Does the Skin Get Used to a Cream?

The skin really gets used to a certain set of nutrients and massage, which inevitably accompanies any application of the cream. There is nothing wrong with this except that the skin, left without the usual care, quickly loses its quality. Skincare is necessary but it is not so important whether you will use the same remedy or constantly switch them.

5. From Time to Time the Cream Needs to Be Changed

This myth is true but with one exception. This should be done only when the skin itself has changed in structure, density, or in terms of elasticity. In addition to natural age-related changes, other reasons are possible. You started drinking enough water and the skin became different to the touch. In this case, it’s time to pay more attention to other problems and no longer worry about hydration.

6. Price Guarantees Quality

When buying fabulously expensive brands, we pay for the brand name, packaging, and advertising campaign with the participation of world-famous celebrities. Anti-aging treatment in a salon that is associated with the use of new advanced technologies, is a more justifiable expense but a statement that “price guarantees quality” is absolutely false.

7. Emotions Cause Wrinkles

It is true but it is still quite difficult to imagine a person who lives with a completely impassive face. It is better to smile and experience positive emotions than constantly having a frowning forehead, making attempts to hide your emotions. The Great Mademoiselle Coco Chanel who knew a lot about beauty and emotions also said that after a certain age we wear the face that we deserve and not the one we want.

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