7 Must-Have Tools for Any Hairdresser Salon Owner

The time has gone by when you can just work with your basic beauty and hairdressing tools. People like to go to a professional-looking salon that has all the latest tools so they can get the desired hairstyle. So when you think to start a new hair salon, consider the following top 7 must-have hairdressing tools and equipment list.


This is the first and most useful tool that is used by a hairdresser. A barber uses the right shear that helps to give you the desired haircut. There are different varieties of shears such as short-bladed cutting scissors, long-bladed barbering, wide-tooth thinner, blending / texturizing scissors, and swivel scissors.


Trimmers are used to cut hair in different lengths. Most barbers use it to cut the beard, ear and nose hair, and side’s hair from the head.

Blow Dryer

A blow dryer or hairdryer is an electromechanical device that blows hot or ambient air over damp hair. After drying your hair, you can make your favorite hairstyle.

Curling Iron

It is another essential tool for hairdressers. It heats fast so that users can use it to make the hair curly, straightening hair, and used to create crimps of the desired size in the hair.


Razor has a keen-edged cutting for cutting hair and shaving. It is the best device that gives your smooth and clean skin after shaving.

Brushes and Combs

A hairdresser needs many brushes and comb that can be used on both wet and dry hair such as a paddle brush, wet hairbrush, shower hairbrush, cushion brush, thermal brush, tiny boar bristle, nylon bristle brush, curved brush, etc.

Interior and Furniture

Your salon interior and exterior design should also be trendy which will attract customers’ attention. Some hair salon furniture types are; chair, mirror, sofa, cash counter, table, bowl, bed, etc.

So these are some basic hairdresser tools that you must have. You can also look for these tools – bowl, flat iron, hair clips, water spray bottle, hair extensions, rollers, hair gel, shampoo, conditioners, and hair dye or color products.

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