7 Must-Have Baby Travel Essentials to Keep Babies Happy & Safe

Everybody loves traveling, right? Going on a honeymoon or vacationing with family and friends…traveling is something that’s always cherished. 

But, traveling with your baby is a completely different experience.

You not only have to do all the bookings done in advance, but you also need a proper itinerary to get ready for the trip. 

Keeping up with your baby for the entire trip is likely to be a rollercoaster ride. So here we have a checklist of 7 must-have baby travel essentials before you pack your bags and get on the plane!

  • Prepare a checklist

The rule of thumb for packing is to not begin it without preparing a check-list. Packing without a check-list is a big no-no, especially if you are traveling with your child.

Older kids can help you pack quickly and carry the luggage. But when it comes to traveling with infants, you are solely responsible for all the stuff. For instance, if you forget carrying bamboo baby wipes, you are less likely to find it anywhere in the airport.

Pack your bag a couple of days in advance so that you have all the baby essentials in place.

To save your time, here’s the baby check-list you don’t want to forget:

  •       2-3 Blankets
  •       Pacifiers
  •       Baby carrier
  •       A couple of Ziplock bags
  •       Baby snacks (handy)
  •       Formula and bottles (in case bottle-feeding)
  •       Extra pair of baby clothes
  •       Bamboo diapers (because they keep your baby dry and happy throughout the journey)
  1. Pick a car seat

You don’t need a ticket for an infant below the age of 2. Although, that might make you feel privileged, but it comes at a cost. You have to sit with your child in your lap throughout the journey.

If you want to avoid this, you can purchase a ticket for your child or use an extra seat. You can attach the baby’s car seat on the plane (you can use the same seat that’s attached in your car). It’s the most secure way to air travel with your munchkin.

You can also carry a sling if you don’t want to carry a heavy car seat throughout your journey. You can also wear your baby in the front along your chest. By doing this, you can move conveniently around the airport and for the rest of your trip.

  1. Prepare the bottles

If you bottle-feed your baby, then you have to plan this very well. Prepare a tried and tested baby formula so that you don’t have to struggle for it in the flight.

Avoid any delays in security checks by simply adding the powder to the bottle. You can also add water once you clear the security checkpoint.

  1. Carry a stroller

A stroller is a blessing when it comes to walking through the long runaways at the airport. You don’t have to drag or carry your little one. You can settle him/her in the stroller and simply walk it through your way.

Tip: Avoid a heavy and complicated stroller as it might be a hassle to manage it.

  1. Overcome breastfeeding fears

It is convenient to breastfeed your infant in the comforts of your home. The same is not possible while traveling. You can pump milk and carry it with you on the flight.

But, be prepared to breastfeed if necessary. You can cover yourself with a blanket to make yourself comfortable.

  1. Learn to deal with strangers

When traveling with an infant, you are likely to get a lot of eyes rolling around you. A few might even ask why are you traveling with a kid. But, make sure that it doesn’t affect you.

Take help from the flight attendants as they can help in changing diapers or digging a snack for your kid. Carry limited stuff with you to the washroom so that you can quickly finish changing the nappy.

  1. Prep yourself for the take-off

Kids tend to wail during landings and take-offs. Prepare yourself for the same. When the flight touches the ground, it creates pressure and that irks kids. This is why they cry.

Keep the pacifier handy so that if needed, you can calm your baby in a jiffy. Sucking the pacifier helps babies to ease the pressure. Keep a bottle of water handy as well.


Traveling with a kid is no cake-walk, but you can make it slightly convenient by carrying all the essentials with you. Be prepared, stay confident and keep yourself calm.

You have to stay composed to keep your baby calm!

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