Kids are our sweet little angels, and naturally, we want to give them only the best. But it often happens so that what is good for an adult, isn’t that good for a child. It is especially relevant when talking about furnishing and arranging the space of your child’s room. What is a good idea for a room that belongs to an adult, can be a complete fail for a nursery.

Below you can read about the main mistakes loving parents make when they furnish their children’s rooms. Even if you have the opportunity to spend a lot of money on your beloved child’s room, do it smartly and think of the child’s comfort first.

1. Cold light

If a child’s room doesn’t seem cozy and homely even if you’ve hired the best designer to furnish it, this may be because of the light shade. Lighting in a nursery should be warm and equipped with a dimmer system to make it less bright when needed. Yellowish color is warmer than white or blue. 

2. Bright colors

Bold colors may seem a good idea for the nursery. Kids like bright colors and they help them study. But staying in a room full of bright colors can affect their attention and mood. A nursery isn’t an entertainment center, the child should be able to relax in this room. Pastel or neutral shades are better. In addition, they can be matched with furniture of any color.

3. Expensive wallpapers

This depends on the child’s age. Small children destroy everything they see on the way to explore the world. You should be ready that the walls of a nursery may be covered with drawings or something worse. It’s better to cover the walls with something that is washed easily.

4. Glass elements

Perhaps it’s the worst idea to decorate your child’s room with glass elements. It’s an eco-friendly material that is easily washed, but its transparency can create a danger of injury. Glass wall partitions, doors or other furniture are questionable even for some adults and an absolute no-no for kids. 

5. Wrong placement of the bed

Placing a bed in the nursery should be focused on two things. First, it should be in the quietest place in the room, where the sounds from outside are quieter. Second, it shouldn’t be in a place where a draft can blow. The best way is to place it near a wall, out of the way from window to doors.

6. Gender stereotypes

If you have a boy, the room shouldn’t necessarily be in blue shades. If you have a girl, it shouldn’t necessarily be pink. Neutral colors are for any gender. Or you can ask your child to chose the shade he or she likes the best but this won’t work with small kids.

7. High furniture

High items of furniture create a danger for your child. The kid’s things should be easy to reach without climbing on a chair from where the child can fall. Or even worse, a high and heavy wardrobe can fall on your child. 

Safety, comfort, and functionality are key points for furnishing a nursery. Don’t forget, this room is for a child, not for an adult!

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