7 Meaningful Birthday Traditions that will delight your Kids

It is very important to imbibe values in your kids from childhood. You can also try to make this day even more memorable for your little one and start a birthday tradition. Through this others will be inspired and it would be fun too. Different birthday traditions would be meaningful, all about them or getting creative with the gift giving. Though these ideas your kid’s day will become special and he will carry on these birthday traditions lifelong and be an inspiration to so many people around them. Thus here we are with 7 meaningful birthday traditions that would delight your kids.

1] Volunteer during their Birthday Month

You can ask your child if he wants to take part in a charity or non-profit organization and help them to carry out their various tasks and get their things done. This day can be set as birthday volunteering. Or you can keep a contest where all his friends and also family members take part to pick up the trash on the road. You can also visit an old age home and be the helper for the day for the old people. Other such option is visiting a local animal shelter and spends a day playing with puppies.

2] Plant a Birthday Tree or Flower

Every year on our birthday we cut a cake, along with that teach your kids to plant birthday tree or flower that would bear fruits and blooms for a lifetime. And also help the environment and our planet to stay healthy. Not planting a tree also teaches them how to take proper care of them so that they do not dry away or die. Your kids will love when the plant will start growing bigger and bigger every going year.

3] Leave a Present while they are Asleep

Surprises are always the best, unexpected gifts give you the best joy. So you can place their favorite thing or a gift they are longing to have from a long time next to them while they are asleep. So when they will wake up and find this gift next to them, they would be surprised and will have the best morning. You can also attach a birthday note wishing them a very happy birthday. In that note you can write down some plans you are going to execute for their birthday and make them more excited.

4] Balloons in Bedroom

This can also, be done to surprise them in the morning when they wake up. Blow so many balloons in your living room and sneak inside your kid’s bedroom early morning and decorate all these balloons in their bedroom. You can also get helium filled balloons that would stay on the ceilings and let others lay on the floor. If there is space on their bed also cover the bed with these colorful happy birthday balloons. Thus when they will move they will have a blast because of the bursting of these balloons.

5] Birthday Breakfast with Candles

Usually everyone gets to blow the candles in the evening, so why let your child wait to blow balloons the whole day. So prepare a delicious breakfast for your kid’s a birthday like pancakes and muffins and make an arrangement to blow the candles. Kids are excited to blow as many birthday candles on their birthday, so give them this joy and let them blow their birthday candles as many times they want to. Buy birthday gifts online for your loved ones and conveys birthday greetings through lovely gifts.

6] Nice Birthday Notes Jar

This is most unique idea to see your child blushing. So if you have arranged for a birthday party, this work will get easier. You can ask all the friends and your family members to write something about the birthday girl or boy in the notes provided to them. At the end of the birthday party, you can toss these notes and read aloud all the notes and guess which one is written by whom. Everyone will have a good time guessing who has written what.

7] Make a Birthday Crown

Getting creative is the best way to spend your day. You can help your little one to make a DIY crown for their birthday. One feels like a king or queen on their birthday and wearing a crown on this day will make them feel more like one. Thus make an amazing crown and let them wear it on their birthday. This is one of the best things to add on the list of your birthday traditions. Make flower delivery online to your loved ones to congratulate them on their wedding or graduation through beautiful blooms.

We hope these meaningful birthday traditions make your kid’s birthday special as well as memorable to them.


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